Shattered Education Dreams for Military Spouses

Last year the US Department of Defense launched a program called called the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account or MyCAA.  It offered military spouses $6,000 towards their graduate and post-graduate education.  This was a wonderful, unexpected blessing for the many women who have had to sacrifice their careers because of frequent deployments and moves.  Needless to say, the program was immensely popular, over 136,000 women applied and around 98,000 were enrolled by February 2010.  Many women made life altering choices, like quitting jobs, once this funding was ...more

Disagree, just be nice, please?

Yesterday, Her Bad Mother wrote a very thought provoking post on cross nursing.  She was painfully engorged after being away from home at a conference with no pump available.  A newly befriended mother with a hungry baby offered to help.  Catherine could nurse her baby, who needed to be fed, and get relief in doing so, it was, for her, a perfect combination of supply and demand.  Catherine's perspective is that the offer was a beautiful example of the wonderful sisterhood that can be formed between ...more

Sometimes moms know more than professionals, because no one knows our kids like we do

From the time he was 18 months, I started hearing comments about Jean's development.  He had hit all his developmental milestones on point:  sat alone by 5 months, crawled at 9 months, walked at 11 months.  But he wasn't too verbal by 18 months and he was a very temperamental baby.  Grandmas (doctors) and great-grandmas (teachers) kept insisting there was something wrong.  By age 2, I finally caved and took him to a pediatric neurologist that specialized in development.  She said he was a strong-willed kid, with a minimal lag in his speech, but developmentally fine.    ...more

Jo of


Wow, sounds like an incredibly difficult ...more