8 Gift Ideas for Writers

It’s time for part three of my holiday gift guide! This one features gift ideas for writers, that fickle-yet-determined bunch of individuals who would fight every obstacle to put words on paper. Whether your favorite writer calls his or her passion a career or simply dabbles when there’s a free moment, he or she deserves encouragement and inspiration. As someone who writes for fun as well as for paychecks, every little boost I get brings me one step closer to defeating that terrible monster that lurks in most scribes’ brains: writer’s block....more
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8 Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Welcome back to the second edition of my holiday gift guide! This one, obviously, is dedicated to those for whom reading is more than an activity — it’s an experience. This is for the ones who set aside time to read, who disappear into their books, who read for their souls as much as their minds. The way I read is varied. I usually prefer hardcovers to paperbacks, but I have no problem grabbing my Kindle when I commute or travel. When things are busy with work, I try to set aside an hour here or there to get a few chapters in....more
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8 Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Ever since I was a kid, my birthday always signaled more than my entry into a new year — it meant the beginning of holiday season. Aside from Thanksgiving, I never celebrated any of the traditional wintertime holidays (although Eid did fall in the snowy months a few times). Regardless, winter was always a season for spending time with the family and exchanging gifts with friends. ...more

Maria Semple's "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" & Wild Mushroom Risotto

What does it mean to go missing? That is the question at the heart of Maria Semple’s entertaining 2012 novel, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? Over the course of some 350 pages, a series of paper and electronic means of correspondence chronicle the events that lead to and result from Bernadette Fox’s sudden and unexpected disappearance from her home in Seattle....more

Maya Angelou's MOM & ME & MOM and Whole-Wheat Muffins

Throughout her career, Maya Angelou has had few qualms writing about the extremely personal — her childhood rape, feelings on race, upbringing in the rural South, struggles for feminism. But she refused to reveal much about her relationship with her mother, until now, in Mom & Me & Mom.  ...more

8 Apple Recipes for Fall

Come at me, fall. I know you’re hiding somewhere behind the sunshine and high temperatures. You’re ready to flow over us, to force us into wool coats and riding boots, scarves and dark colors....more


When you’re 13, summer vacation is supposed to be carefree, and Riddle Camperdown hopes to spend the summer of 1972 at her family’s Cape Cod house “sipping iced tea and eating radish and mayonnaise sandwiches, listening to birds chirp, watching the mulberries ripen, hearing the waves roll in.” But she’s not going to — Riddle’s summer is instead going to be filled with secrets, lies, and discovering just how difficult it can be to tell the truth....more

Wells Tower’s Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned & Asparagus Cheese Orzo

It should come as no surprise that Wells Tower’s Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned is not a happy book. It is, however, delicate, witty, tragic, and paints a truer and more complex picture of the modern human condition than I have read for a very long time....more

Aminatta Forna's The Hired Man & Apple-Walnut Fritters

Aminatta Forna’s The Hired Man is a novel deceptive in its simplicity. Set in the fictional town of Gost, Croatia, it follows a middle-aged bachelor handyman named Duro who works for an English family who have bought a little blue house to restore....more