Calling All Brands and Bloggers: Annual Pamper the Parents Giveaway Event Taking Sign-ups Now!

 Calling all Brands and Bloggers!This one takes a while to organize, so we’re giving you lots of notice! Those who sign up first will be closest to the top of the Rafflecopter!Giveaway Host: Pardon My PoppetEvent dates: 10/18/2012 – 11/01/2012...more

Be Your Child's Safe Place

How to Pack the Ultimate Hospital Birth Bag

So you're almost at your due date and you've yet to pack your hospital bag.  What do you need to absolutely throw in it, and what can you live without?I was lucky enough to be given a pre-made hospital birth bag for my baby shower, and it was THE BEST gift I received.  If you are not expecting you should consider making one for a friend who is!  Even if the expectant Mum is planning a home birth, there is nothing in this hospital bag that she couldn’t use at home as well.  So here goes:Buy a Beautiful Bag...more

One Dad Tells Us What Makes a Great Dad

Another wonderful guest post by my hubby. If you enjoy it please leave a word of encouragement! He can also be found (at times) on his blog Fabulous Fatherhood! Rules Great Dads Live By...more

You are NOT a Perfect Parent

You try to make everything in their little world perfect.  Before they even arrive, you’ve spent months planning out and creating that nursery.  Once they get here, you promise you will be kind, gentle, and unlike your own mother, NEVER raise your voice at them.  That was all fine and dandy, until they hit toddler-hood....more

Upgrading Your Cell Phone Early

We have an awesome cell phone plan, but it wasn’t always that way.  Currently we have free caller id, visual voicemail, extra 5GB of data, call waiting, texting, etc, etc, etc……I have learned many things through many moves about how to get the best service, and deal on cell phone plans.  If you are itching to get the latest and greatest and are near the end of your current contract, there are many options available for upgrading your phone:...more

The Sad End of Co-Sleeping