What are we bragging about?

What are we bragging about?...more

3 Easy Ways to Make Smarter Parenting Choices

I love yoga. After each practice, I feel stronger, more flexible, calmer and I’ve had an hour to quietly think about life. Often the instructors talk about yoga as a metaphor for life, and in a recent class, my teacher was speaking about the importance of abhyasana, consistent practice. ...more

6 Things You'll Regret Saying to Your Children

Do you ever feel guilt and regret for something that you've said to your child? The words that just came out of your mouth sounded as if they were from an alien being (and even more awful, perhaps like some of the things your own mother once said to you, and you vowed you would never say), and there is no way you would speak like that to your best friend! Immediately you regret what you said. It's no surprise that your child is now arguing with you. ...more
Some of these I agree with, and other's not so much.  I do tell my children that I am proud of ...more

Tired of using the Naughty Step?

Add some Positive to your Discipline and be done with the Naughty Step Forever.What parent has not heard of the ‘naughty step’? It is one of the main sound bites from the Super Nanny program with Jo Frost, and indeed if we earnt money for every one of our clients who mentions discipline and the naughty  step in the same sentence, we would be rather well-off!...more

Starting School | Preparing your Children for Pre-K.

The new school year is not far away and the key to a successful start to school is PREPARATION, PREPARATION and more PREPARATION!Take some time NOW to Set Up For Success!•    Familiarize your child with their new school. Visit or look at pictures of the new school often. Hopefully you will have had a visit where your child could see the parts that will affect him – his classroom, the toilets, the dining hall, the assembly hall, the playground....more

Top Tips for Getting Kids all Set for Back-to-School

The new school year is not far away and the key to a successful return to school is PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION!Take some time NOW to Set Up For Success!Physical PreparationThis time of year is usually so hectic. This year make getting ready for school a team effort and involve the children as much as possible....more

When a Couple become a Family | 8 ways to be Emotionally Prepared for Parenthood

Are you emotionally ready for parenthood?The recent tragic news of the death of one of the world’s most beloved actors and comics, Robin Williams, has left many of us reeling and wondering why people take their own lives. His battle with drink and drugs and the ‘black dog’ of depression is well-documented and sadly is not as uncommon as we may believe....more
JillR Hi Jill, We absolutely are a work in progress!  I'm reading The Conscious Parent at the ...more

A Grammatical Approach to Praise

This week I had two different experiences of the use of praise. I heard a psychologist on the radio talking about how it was important to use adjectives rather than verbs when praising children. He said when we use adjectives as in “You are helpful”, rather than “you are helping” this enables children to see themselves as helpful; being helpful becomes part of their identity....more

He'll be OK!

I have a friend who has a son who is 18 and in his final year at school. He has just received an offer from a university, conditional upon him gaining an A,B,C in his A levels (the final year of  secondary school in the UK). This is a truly remarkable thing. You may think it's not that remarkable as you will know that students all over the country will be receiving offers and some will have more difficult obstacles to overcome in terms of grade requirements. But this is an amazing achievement for this young man....more

See it … Say it! The right kind of praise does build self-esteem.

Recently it seems that every major publication has had an article about praising children: too much praise, not enough praise, or the wrong kind of praise.  The Atlantic recently published a piece by Eleanor Barkhorn called Lavishing Kids with Praise Can Make Them Feel Bad about Themselves.  Ms Barkhorn, we think, correctly asserts that there is too much of the wrong kind of praise – what she would call inflated praise....more