Honey, can we give the kids away?

Half joking while the other half feeling desperate, Peter (my better half) leaned across the red checkered table cloth and asked, "is it too late to consider a childless life?"  I replied in a whisper as our children ran around and under the table at our downtown pizza joint, "Yup, too late."...more

The Fight for Autism Funding in Vermont Is a National Concern

Over the last few months I have been working with a group of parents and professionals (VT CAIR) on lobbying the Vermont legislature to not repeal the autism insurance reform law that passed and was signed into law last year. ACT 127 (aka Autism Insurance Reform) mandates insurance companies and Medicaid to pay for autism services (behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy) for children 18 months old to six years old. After last session we felt good, we got some needed legislation passed with some concessions but that is politics, right? ...more

As a mom of five with two of my children being on the autism spectrum, this is an important ...more

Top 5 Tips to Help your Child Avoid Bullying

Avoiding bullying can take a toll on not just your child but the entire family.  Kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be especially vulnerable to bullying, so beginning the bullying talk early can be beneficial to making sure your child can advocate for himself and is not be prey to the bully.  Here are five tips to help your child dodge the bully:...more

A Round of Applause for Max

The second season TV show Parenthood keeps me coming back, week, after week, after week.&...more

Stay Fit while Getting Centered

“What happened to Tristan yesterday?” asked his case manager at school.   I tilted my head with a dash of confusion and slight terror as Tristan has gotten himself into some tricky social situations recently and said, “What do you mean?”  As her eyes widened, she said, “Well, Tristan was so focused during our sessions today.  No flopping on the floor or fidgeting in his seat.”...more

Really, you want kids?

Really, you want to get pregnant… kids, really?”  This was probably not one of my finest reactions.  My sister-in-law, Courtney, just told me that they were trying to get pregnant.  We were on our way to the ocean to take the kids swimming and all three of my boys were screaming while food was dribbling out of their mouths.  Usually, I would have smiled and said,...more

Snap that Umbilical Cord

For many months, perhaps even years, I have been preparing for this day.  I am not birthing a child or graduating from school or giving my vows of marriage, I have done all that, no this afternoon I cut the umbilical cord.  Not the one Peter slit, but the cord of dependence that has been stretched to the point of breakage....more


Freedom and teaching kids how-to navigate the world can make any parent stay-up late at night fretting.  From the beginning of my parenting career I have let natural consequences be our disciple.  I hardly baby-proofed, partly because of sure laziness and partly because I saw no real dangers.  So, Tristan bonked his head on the coffee table or pulled down all our books, everyday, but I saw that as a teachable moment....more

Note to self: Stop parenting your husband!

Often I feel sometimes I parent not only my three children but also my husband.  As a modern feminist, mother, and professional, I cringe every time I have to remind my kids and my husband about the bedtime routine or that when I am not here— yes, the children do need lunch and yes again, at lunch time, not 3:00 in the afternoon.  And lunch is not an optional service given sometimes, but all the time… you must remember to feed the growing offspring....more