Netflix: We're Breaking Up. (Qwikster, Us Too.)

Netflix.They're like the boyfriend I told to help clean the apartment or I was going to leave him even though I loved him because he obviously didn't respect me and refused to "hear" me and then he still didn't help clean the apartment AND SO I LEFT HIM.Like about 1,000,000 other people who have or are planning to ditch them by the end of September, I've warned them about the thin ice they were skating around on....more
I stayed with Netflix for brand love, but we're DVD-only people, and now they've taken the brand ...more

It's a Beautiful Day in the Drawn-In-Unreal Neighborhood

While I’m waiting for my toe nail polish to dry so I can finish my BlogHer ‘11 packing I just had to say something about the recent announcement that an animated Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood spinoff is coming to the PBS Kids lineup next fall. I am not at all sure this is a good thing. Apparently the new show is aimed at pre-schoolers and the series follows the (animated) children of the (puppet) characters from the original series… ...more

Are You Asking Too Much of Your Favorite TV Show?

While driving to daycare drop off the a few weeks ago, I heard an opinion piece on Morning Edition with media critic Eric Deggans complaining about the way interracial relationships are being handled in prime time shows today. It’s his opinion that by not expressly dealing with the issues of racism and the struggles of interracial couples in their entirety on a show, they're being avoided. ...more

"Everybody on it is just as screwed up as I am."

And I think that's why I keep going ...more

Not All of Us are Michael Freaking Scott

I admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Community when it started, but I’m a convert this season. The characters are engaging enough on a surface level that I don’t have to spend any time thinking about their motivations or histories if I don’t want to, and by 8 o’clock on a Thursday, that’s a welcome respite. I don’t have to think? Or pay terribly close attention? And you make me laugh? I’m in. So here's what I'm watching. ...more

that I forgot to write about the roller rink/strip club/book store field trip. The day shift at ...more