4th Place is Tough

My A… he’s quite a kiddo, that one. Math prodigy, confident performer, compassionate little soul. Faithful, kind, and bright, he really is a great kid ....more

Spanish Rice with Chicken and Corn

Way back, well before we had children, when both of us worked in banking and I was just learning to cook and try new things, this was one of my favorite dishes to make. Of course, back then, I made it by buying the Spanish Rice & Sauce packet and a can of shoepeg corn. I’m gonna be honest with you– it’s mighty tasty made with those convenience items ....more

Turning a Bummer into a Fun Surprise

I’ve told you all many times now that my nine-year-old son is a Bengals fan. It’s funny, to be honest, to see my orange and black clad kiddo milling about with his Patriots- and Giants-loving friends. They don’t really understand his loyalty to Cincinnati, but they totally accept it as part of who he is ....more

Every Stage is Awesome

I remember cuddling my newborn baby, breathing in that incomparable smell, and blinking bleary eyes. ...more

Menu Plan: Oh, the beauty!

The first half of October is spectacular here. ...more

One… Two… Ba ha ha ha!!!

There are people who love Elmo. There are people who love Big Bird. There are people who love Cookie Monster ....more

When “Below Average” is Miraculous

Yesterday morning, I spent almost two hours sitting at a long conference table. To my right was my husband. To my left was the third grade special education teacher ....more

Menu Plan: Better late than never!

Another week, another menu plan! ...more

Having Three Kids Is Not Harder Than Having One

For some bizarre reason, the following article has been making its way around my Facebook feed: ...more