Little Things Making a Big Difference

I’m having a fantastic day. ...more

For the Smell of It

So far, I’ve written a little about what got me interested in essential oils and also what mistakes I’ve made along the way. I apologize upfront for this series being so very spread out, but it truly is intentional– I don’t want to bore or overwhelm you, for one thing. For another, this is an emotionally charged topic for some people and I honestly don’t want anyone to feel insulted, attacked, or to get riled up ....more

Buttered Bowties with Peas

“You should share the recipe,” my husband told me. ...more

Menu Plan: Spring Break Edition

While I totally realize I’m just a substitute and not a “real” teacher, I work enough days that Spring Break feels like a big ol’ gigantic treat to ME, too– woo hoo!! ...more

Misplaced Shame

I often feel ashamed that I’m not a better housekeeper. ...more

A Peek in JL’s Shopping Cart

Well, hey there! Guess what? I was actually OFF yesterday from working in the school ....more

Uncut Diamonds

We teased our children about how spoiled they are. Not only did the “Easter Bunny” bring them some fun little doo-dads and treats– like cool new leak-proof water bottles!– they had even more goodies rained upon them. There were the expected baskets from Bama and Papa ....more

It’s not about the priest.

It’s not umcommon to hear Catholics say it: It’s not abaout the priest. ...more

Menu Plan: Conference Madness

Well, hey there! It’s Tuesday, which used to always be my “menu posting day”, so I feel like I’m actually on a track a bit. How ’bout that? ...more

3 Things I Wish I Hadn’t Done with Essential Oils

I honestly thought I would save this part of my “oily experience” until later in the conversation but, the more I thought about it, the more important I thought it was to just get it out there. I’m going to tell you about a few ways in which I used my oils early in my journey that I now regret. ...more