Kind & Brave

Last week, my children participated in Summer Spirit, which is our church’s version of VBS. This year, they had a “service” theme and they, literally, spent their days weeding, harvesting, sewing, cooking, and otherwise working to help support various organizations in our community. They honestly loved it so much ....more

When Places Become Wishes

Way back, in the first month of 2005, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. ...more

Protecting Those Peepers

The Aces information, product and additional gift pack have been provided by Aces. ...more

Lordy, Lordy…

Welp, it was bound to happen. ...more

“Playdates” vs. Coming Over

When I was a little girl, I never had a “playdate.” ...more

When the going gets HOT…

… the hot stops cooking! (Well, baking. Really just baking ....more

Modeling + Expectations

There’s been a story floating around for the past couple weeks that’s– once again– got people cheering or ranting from either side of the fence. ...more

Triple Chocolate Drop Cookies

Print Triple Chocolate Drop Cookies Author:...more

When Sick Gets Real

One thing I’ve learned from my experience with the app “TimeHop” is that I do not enjoy reliving episodes involving sick children. As a result, you will find no pathetic shots of sickly children documented on social media from our last run-in with the flu. I know I’m not going to want to revisit it down the road! ...more

Bruised and Scratched

“I have a bruise here, Mrs. S. See? On my leg?” ...more