Candy Cane Diffuser Blend

This time of year, I adore the scents of pine and cinnamon, but one of my favorite Christmasy scents will forever be the fresh, sweet smell of a candy cane! This delightful aroma is easy to replicate with essential oils. Happily, both peppermint and spearmint are relatively inexpensive oils and mints tend to be universally pleasing ....more

Picture Perfect

I think this time of year can bring out the best and worst in us. ...more

Thanksgiving 2005

Can I be brutally honest? ...more

Falling Into Winter Capsule Wardrobe

When I decided to take on this whole capsule wardrobe challenge, I knew right away that “three month” capsules wouldn’t work for my lifestyle and climate. But, as I told you all when I shared my Early Fall Capsule, that’s the beauty of this concept! You can totally tweak it and make it work for whatever your situation ....more

In Praise of Light-Washed Jeans

I’m going to be putting up another capsule wardrobe post very soon, detailing the contents of my “Falling Into Winter” capsule. It’s going well, so far, and I’ve been very much enjoying transitioning into some colder weather pieces, while retaining some Early Fall faves. ...more

To the Converts and the Curious

I’ve told you all before: I’m a cradle Catholic....more

What would you ask Jesus?

My children all attend Faith Formation (AKA CCD, AKA church school, AKA bible school) classes. We go every other Sunday at our parish center. I teach the one and only first grade class offered that day ....more

TAG Worries…

I’ve written a bit about the gifted population before. As a whole– I mean the whole “talented and gifted” category– it’s not really that small a percentage of the population. By actual definition, anywhere between six and ten percent of children should technically qualify for TAG programming ....more


So, last Christmas, we got a kitten. ...more

An Ode to Greek Yogurt

Where would I be without you, oh, Greek Yogurt? ...more