The Hardest Kid for Me to Love

She was pale. ...more

5 Purse Staples that Make You a Hero

I? Am a purse minimalist. I have never been the kind of girl to schlep a giant shoulder-bag around ....more

Saving Time in the Kitchen through Savvy Prep

Packing four lunches and making healthy breakfasts and suppers each night can wear a girl out! Through some simple, savvy prep, however, I can greatly ease my burden throughout the week and that makes for much smoother sailing. Here are my top eight prep tips that will save you time on those super busy days and nights: ...more

Menu Plan: Monday Prep to Save the Week

More activities join the pack this week!...more

The Reactions

Yesterday morning, I headed to TJMaxx to find some tall socks for my boy. (We talked about this yesterday on Facebook, if you missed it.) I found some, just so you know, and they were about a third of the regular price so, if you have a boy sporting this trend, you should check it out. ...more

10 Things I’d Love to Learn How to Do

Just over a month ago, we lost my husband’s cousin at a tragically young age. ...more

Saving Time & Eating Well

You all probably know by now that I dearly love spending time in my kitchen. Cooking, baking, expermenting, and, of course, eating all bring me great joy. To be honest, I look forward to making a meal each evening and I’m not typically one to rely on “freezer meals”, though I think the concept is awesome ....more

Menu Plan: And so it begins!

This is the week when all the extracurriculars kick into high gear. We are adding gymnastics, cross country, horseback riding, and a Shakespearean play this week with more starting next week. And so it begins! ...more

The Problem With Crediting Prayer

I’ve told you all about Dr. Y. before....more

Before I Blink

“I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life,” he says from the backseat. ...more