Just… be you.

Last week, my Facebook feed BLEW UP with people sharing some article about how we should– scratch that– we NEED to eliminate the word “just” from our emails and writing. ...more

How We Eat on Vacation

So, we got back from vacation just a couple days ago. It’s hard coming back to reality. I just thrive in that salty air! ...more

Not Giving, Just Stretching

Come July, I will have been blogging for seven years. ...more

Remarking on the Good

“No, we do NOT swing our bags around like that.” “Aren’t you READY yet? C’mon!” “Why haven’t you finished that?” “Would you just EAT your food already?” “I told you to turn that video game OFF!” “What do you say?” ...more

Menu Plan: Let there be light!

It is no secret at all around here that I LOVE the light. I’m perfectly content to have endless hours of sunshine. Meanwhile, the long, dark days of winter make me want to curl into a ball ....more

Substitute Teaching as an “SJ” (AKA “Guardian”)

Do you enjoy personality type stuff? Is it as fascinating to you as it is to me? I find it endlessly interesting to see how our different traits and qualities impact how we interact with the world… ...more

I’ve Never Been the Girl I See

She approached me at a banquet dinner and told me she was wondering if I’d give her three minutes of my time to help with a doctoral project. She’s studying psychology and needed a broad sample of women for her research. ...more

Not a Tomboy

The woman smiled at C. My little girl was crafting loops of color and shape on paper, happily creating. She was in her element ....more


“23 days until summer!!!” ...more

Who She Answers To

It took her a long time to mention it. ...more