Lessons in Friendship from a Nine-Year-Old

Yesterday, I received a teary phone call from the mom of one of A’s classmates....more

Five Toys That Go the Distance

So, I’ve been doing this motherhood thing for coming up on ten years now. That does not make me an expert. It does, however, mean I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve learned a thing or two ....more

S’mores Treats

Is it just me or do kids seem to have an awful lot of activites these days? I swear. My kids don’t even participate in that many different things, but, by time we add in school, a sport, church school, and maybe a club here and there, it feels like we’re running all over God’s green earth ....more

Menu Plan: The Last Hurrah

It is our last week of summer vacation. ...more

The Value of Paternity Leave

Awhile back, a friend and I were flipping through the scrapbook from A’s first year of life and she landed on this picture and just stopped. ...more

No Shame in Being Real

Over the last couple of months, I’ve shared my grocery shopping trips a few times. I enjoy doing those posts, even though it always amazes me what a pain it is to actually unload bags onto a table instead of right where they go. You’d think that’d be no big deal, right? ...more

I’m Afraid You’ll Let Go

There are some children with whom you have to kind of “rip off the bandaid.” ...more

I love these mixes. Yep, I said it. #spon

I bake a lot. A whole heck of a lot. I love it and, if I’m honest with you, I’ll tell you that my family has come to pretty much expect it ....more

A Little August Shopping with JL

It’s been awhile since I shared my grocery shopping! I did another “medium” shop this week, so I thought we’d take a look at that together. Sound like a plan? ...more

A New School

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday and that reminded me of how, ten years before, I’d been four months pregnant with A. and had wound up hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum. I was released on my big bro’s bday and I can still remember weakly laying sprawled out on my kitchen floor in Virginia, calling to wish him a happy day ....more