I’ve Never Been the Girl I See

She approached me at a banquet dinner and told me she was wondering if I’d give her three minutes of my time to help with a doctoral project. She’s studying psychology and needed a broad sample of women for her research. ...more

Not a Tomboy

The woman smiled at C. My little girl was crafting loops of color and shape on paper, happily creating. She was in her element ....more


“23 days until summer!!!” ...more

Who She Answers To

It took her a long time to mention it. ...more

Menu Plan: Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy

May is here!! Hooray!! ...more

If the dress fits…

“Mike’s end-of-the-year work party is coming up, so I ordered a bunch of dresses from Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom’s, figuring I’d just have them delivered and return what I didn’t like. I think I got like a dozen of them. Mike may have raised a brow at the $2,500 charge (giggle), but I knew I’d be returning most of it.” ...more

IRL vs. Online

Something I’ve been thinking about… ...more

Little Things Making a Big Difference

I’m having a fantastic day. ...more

For the Smell of It

So far, I’ve written a little about what got me interested in essential oils and also what mistakes I’ve made along the way. I apologize upfront for this series being so very spread out, but it truly is intentional– I don’t want to bore or overwhelm you, for one thing. For another, this is an emotionally charged topic for some people and I honestly don’t want anyone to feel insulted, attacked, or to get riled up ....more

Buttered Bowties with Peas

“You should share the recipe,” my husband told me. ...more