Mid-November Grocery Shopping with JL

I know everyone prefers the nice, clear table shots, showing all the food. I’ll be honest– it was “feels like 8 degrees” yesterday and I was in a hurry. I’ll still list everything out for you, though– promise ....more

Menu Plan: Friday Excitement!!

Well, Hallelujah! ...more

Prematurity Knows No Prejudice

(some information reposted from a piece originally written in 2010)...more

25 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

So, how many of you have read a blog or two since, oh, I don’t know, about 2007 or so? It doesn’t matter if you still read it, but did you ever read blog posts “back in the day”? ...more

How Honoring Varying Choices & Methods Supports Preemie Parents

November is Prematurity Awareness Month. That makes this a good time to talk a little bit about preemie stuff. I get asked frequently how people can help support preemie mom and dads, so I’m going out on a limb and sharing some ideas you may never have thought of ....more

Menu Plan: Stretching Meat

What the heck happened to the prices of meat and butter, anyway? Landsakes, it’s terrifying out there! Okay, so it’s not THAT bad, but, still, butter is easily twice what it was this time last year and meat prices around here are enough to make me cringe ....more

Memories & the Mundane

“I like your hoodie, Mrs. S.,” she said, eyeing the black velour, “Is it new?” ...more

Making Holiday Planning Easier

The Halloween buckets still grace the sideboard in my dining room, yet all the online chiiter chatter is about Christmas. There’s a part of me that really objects to that, to be honest, but the reality is– planning early can be super helpful in alleviating stress later on. For that reason, I’m dipping my toe in the topic today ....more

Menu Plan: Putting Off Shopping

I realized at the end of last week that the first of the month fell on a Saturday. Now, if given the choice, I prefer to avoid grocery stores on Saturdays. When the beginning of the month AND a weekend collide, chaos is bound to ensue ....more

Don’t Insult My Taste

originally published 11/10/11 My thighs are too big… My tummy’s not taut enough… My eyes can look freakishly big… There’s a bump on the bridge of my nose that mars my profile… My waist and hips are disproportionate… My breasts benefit from a good bra in a way they didn’t used to need… My hair needs help to be bright and grey-free… I can see fine lines starting to creep across my forehead… My shoulders are slope-y…. My legs? ...more