If You Could Only Have 5 Foods…

…what would they be? ...more

How to Model Self-Love

We were all laughing and smiling until our faces hurt. It was a calm, beautiful day out on the lake and I couldn’t really think of anywhere I’d rather have been at that moment than on a boat with friends. ...more

3 Things Helping My Cleaning Routine

So. I believe we’ve established, in no uncertain terms, that housekeeping is NOT my favorite thing to do. While I happily keep up on laundry and love to cook and bake, keeping a scrubbed, tidy home does not come naturally to me, and I have lived most of my adult life feeling as a complete and utter failure because of this ....more

How Moms Feel at Back-to-School

Back-to-school is right around the corner!!! Notebooks– 4 for $1! Glue Sticks… only 10 cents! ...more

Menu Plan: Long, Hot Days

It’s been awhile since I shared a menu plan with you all! ...more

Only one is the fastest… and that’s okay.

So, A. got this award certificate at VBS. And the very first thing I thought was, “There is no way– NO WAY– this would ever fly in the public school.” People often refuse to acknowledge varying abilities and heaven forbid you throw a superlative like “smartest” out there– people would gasp! ...more

Devotion, Devoutness, & Devastation

There are hundreds of children in the program, at least a dozen altar servers among them. Still, A. was the first asked to serve ....more

I’ve got that rage, rage, rage, rage down in my heart…

Summer Spirit is in session. That’s pretty much just “VBS”, but at our Catholic Church. The program has been in place for 35 years and it’s always been called Summer Spirit ....more

Just… be you.

Last week, my Facebook feed BLEW UP with people sharing some article about how we should– scratch that– we NEED to eliminate the word “just” from our emails and writing. ...more

How We Eat on Vacation

So, we got back from vacation just a couple days ago. It’s hard coming back to reality. I just thrive in that salty air! ...more