We don’t really know what we’re doing. And it’s scary.

I’ve tried to really pay attention to the comments and remarks I get about my children for the past few days. ...more

Menu Plan: A Look at His Heart

I am such a broken record around here lately, with all my, “Gosh, it sure is a busy week!” reports. ...more

How to Wrap for Bake Sales

I almost didn’t bother with this post today, figuring everyone on earth probably figured this out before me. But then I learned that my mom didn’t know this trick yet and, since my mom is inarguably clever, I figured there must be a few more people out there who could benefit from it. ...more

Easy. Tasty. Guilt-free.

(If I know nothing else, I know my children eat a ton. As a result? It’s rare I turn down opportunities involving food ....more

Age-Related Problems

I was driving to the store the other day and I happened to look down at my hand. ...more


I dug through the cabinet for the biggest skillet I could find as you loped into the room, stretching one arm high, while the other adjusted glasses over tired eyes. I didn’t blame you one bit for heading straight to make coffee– little sounds better, other than more sleep, when little people wake you so early. ...more

Menu Plan: Gratefully Accepting Some Convenience

Let’s chat just a bit about things we can do ourselves to save a little cash. ...more

The Hardest Kid for Me to Love

She was pale. ...more

5 Purse Staples that Make You a Hero

I? Am a purse minimalist. I have never been the kind of girl to schlep a giant shoulder-bag around ....more

Saving Time in the Kitchen through Savvy Prep

Packing four lunches and making healthy breakfasts and suppers each night can wear a girl out! Through some simple, savvy prep, however, I can greatly ease my burden throughout the week and that makes for much smoother sailing. Here are my top eight prep tips that will save you time on those super busy days and nights: ...more