Alzheimer's brain changes vary by race

When it comes to race, not all the effects of Alzheimer's are the same.New research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that Alzheimer's develops differently in the brains of African Americans (vs. Americans of European descent) and that they are more likely to experience brain changes that also contribute to dementia....more

10 Myths About Learning Disabilities (and Why They’re False)

You’ve Been Duped!...more

This is your brain on ... rosemary vs. lavender

Finally - a scientific study on the effects of rosemary on memory! Among the holistic/alternative crowd, rosemary has been known/rumored to have memory-enhancing properties. But few researchers in the scientific community had done much to test the herb to confirm it's attributes.But researchers at Northumbria University recently did a test to see if rosemary essential oil could benefit future memory, and they tested it against lavender oil....more

Predicting happiness of couples raising an autistic child

What makes some couples who are raising a child with autism get divorced, while others thrive? Researchers at the University of Miami did some analysis of couples to find out.The scientists looked at things like:1. the impact of optimism (as an individual trait)2. social support3. spousal support4. coping styles5. benefit finding ("the bright side"?)They found that:1. Mothers had more social and instrumental support (vs. fathers)2. Moms and dads didn't differ in terms of partner support, optimism or relationship satisfaction...more

5 Ways Technology Affects Our Brains

Putting aside the possible cell phone-cancer connection, there are several ways that technology is changing our brain. Some are for the better, some not. Here are 5 tidbits to ponder: 1. "The Google Effect" is about how we don't remember all our facts and information but rather where to find it online. So, you don't remember your bank account number but you remember what folder it's saved in on your computer.2. People who are Internet savvy, areas of our brain are way more active when searching online than when reading a book....more

Sniff test may be an early detector of autism

Researchers in Israel have figured out that children with autism can't make adjustments to restrict airflow to their nose when inhaling something that smell bad. They sniff the same way whether something smells good or bad.Why? Sniffing is an internal action model (IAM), something that people with autism have that impairs sensory and motor coordination....more

2 Drugs found to HALT brain degeneration

I'd say it's pretty big news: Researchers have figured out that two licensed drugs have been shown (on mice) to actually HALT brain degeneration. Besides the obviously reason, this is also good news because the drugs are already safe and well-tolerated. That means researchers can start doing trials rather than waiting for drugs to be approved....more

Your brain on nature; New research shows actual changes

You already know that walking in nature makes you FEEL good, but now there's evidence that it makes you THINK well too.In a small study, 38 people who lived in urban areas and had no mental disorders were split into 2 groups.Group A walked for 90 minutes through a natural area near the Stanford campus.Group B walked along a very busy road in Palo Alto....more

Your birth month may influence risk of 55 diseases (including ADHD and asthma)

Researchers believe they've found a correlation between the month you were born and certain diseases/disorders. They scanned 1.7 million medical records and found that of 1,688 diseases, 55 were somewhat linked to birth month.A few things to consider:1. This was done using NYC medical records, so obviously it could be different in other states or countries.2. The increased correlation isn't huge--or definitive.3. This is more just for reading pleasure because it's interesting - not because it's foretelling of your cause of death. ; )...more

Watching cat videos .. and other good news about your brain

Sometimes the world feels heavy with bad news and you just need to hear something positive to break the downward spiral. Or a cat video.Yes, someone surveyed 7,000 people about their cat-video watching habits and found that doing so actually increases energy and happy emotions while diminishing bad feelings. And in case you thought you were alone in your feline film enjoyment, cat videos had 26 billion views last year. That's "billion" with a B....more