The Great Gender Hiccup -- Guest Post

A Night Fury dragon drawn by my four year old daughter. This is the story of a boy and his dragon. No ....more

Don’t stop progressing: Keeping in touch with your career during an extended leave -- Guest Post

I’m currently on my second year-long maternity leave, but even though most of the time I’m home changing diapers and washing barf out of things, I feel I’m more focused on my career than ever....more

The annoyance of dance

Trying to sign your kids up for ballet is the nightmare that doesn't end.First of all, never do it mid-January because nothing is open for registration / everything that would have been open is full.Secondly, hardly any of them list the pricing, which is super important to me, actually. I want my kids to dance, yes, but I also don't have limitless funds.Third, it's really hard to buy ballet gear. I'm going to have to try Sports Authority, I guess, since Walmart, Target and Kmart had nothing.Fourth, I know it's super expensive, and for all that money (however much it is) you only get an hour a week ....more

Who are the narcissists really?

In the latest in the generations wars that we feel compelled to read about online, the words narcissist and entitled are being thrown around quite easily. There is clearly a large divide between millennials and baby boomers--neither of which I am. As a bonafide "we have no idea what generation category you fall into Ms ....more

Who's Holding Women Back at Work? It's Not Men

When women speak up in the workplace, they are viewed in a negative light—that is, when they're not interrupted by men first—according to a new piece in the New York Times....more

It's not men keeping women back in the workforce

When women speak up in the workplace, they are viewed in a negative light, that is, when they're not interrupted by men first, according to a new piece in the New York Times. Women who contribute new ideas and expand upon business management information are viewed as aggressive and suspicious, whereas men doing the same thing are considered driven and 'take charge'.Women are considered incompetent until they prove otherwise, which they do by working 2.5 times as hard as men, while men are considered competent until proven otherwise. This is the way of the world, and more and more studies on leadership and business are backing it up.I posted this piece on my Facebook the other day, and immediately a nice guy (a real nice guy, not a Nice Guy) I went to high school with started hemming and hawwing about semantics and scientific methods and research ....more

Fail Kitchen -- How to make flourless pancakes

Okay, so the recipe on this one was really easy.2 eggs1 bananaMix and fry that shit.And it looks like this: And it tasted like...scrambled eggs with banana in them. Yech.And the process was like this: (worth watching, if only for the un-human way I bend my elbows when trying to flip a pancake.) And...just don't make these. If you want a pancake, make a pancake ....more

The woman at the door

The girls and I had just gotten back from their capoeira practice and were settling down to read when the doorbell rang. The puppy made a break for it, running right into the young woman's flowered tennis shoes."Can you grab him?" I asked frantically, before even letting her say hello.She obliged, and when I saw he was safe, I looked at her properly. She was ...more

Addiction and Parenting -- Guest Post

The moon is high. It’s time for the ritual to begin. First, I check to make sure the kids are asleep soundly in their beds, footsteps away from other adults ....more

Conversations about God from the Backseat

When my children reached the ripe old age of six, I decided it was time to introduce a little God into their lives. After all, we live in Florida. Sooner or later, they’re going to get a hell of a lot more God than I’ll ever be comfortable with ....more