This text convo between my husband and me is everything

So, remember yesterday, when I made that abomination of a pie?...more

Domestic Life: The Struggle is Real

So, remember yesterday, when I made that abomination of a pie? Right.So, I totally sent that to work with my husband this morning, as part of his lunch. Because what is love without forcing family to eat kitchen fails? a few texts about it ....more

Fail Kitchen - Apple Roses Cream Pie

Yeah, no. "You're stupid dough hook." ...more

Granola Stroller - S Post

There's a great new product trying to get off the that will keep that ground green! Self-described as “kid friendly,” due to the durable product specs, amongst other things, the Granola Strolla is a portable, solar-powered battery pack/charger that utilizes 3D printing technology, combined with earth friendly materials to make sure those tablets and cell phones are always powered on. Ben and Irene have launched a kickstarter for this promising new product ....more

I don't want to be in love with you anymore -- Guest Post

I'm so sick and tired of being in love with you. I don't want to love you anymore. I don't want you in my thoughts anymore ....more

Ask a Cleaning Lady: Can my kids clean?

This one is for people who take care of children.Here’s the scenario: you’re tired, you’re busy, you’ve got stuff on your mind, things to take care of etc. You don’t want to be bogged down with inefficiency or protracted efforts; you have to prioritize your time carefully. So of course when the abode is a mess, you may not like it, but you grit your teeth and just get it done ....more

Sibling Anticipation, or "Mom, are you pregnant yet?" - Contributor Post

A few days ago, I had a rehearsal and Mom needed a nap, so I volunteered to take the monkey with me. He loves hanging out at the theater, so it was no problem to talk him into tagging along. In the car, though, the conversation took an unexpected turn.“Jerry, I just realized that I’m a really lucky kid because I have two dads: my step-dad, and my real dad.”“That’s right’re pretty lucky!”“And when we have a baby, the baby will be lucky to have two dads, too!” This kid is relentless ....more

Ask a Teacher: When should I intervene if my child is having friend / social problems at school?

Resident teacher Emilie Blanton from Teaching Ain't for Heroes helps us navigate the difficult terrain of first friendships.....Q: When should I intervene if my child is having friend / social problems at school?A: It happens. People stop being friends all the time. For kids, this can become an ongoing issue as they deal with the inability to escape their new Not Friend during the school day and the fact that children are inherently less socially developed than adults ....more

A Mother’s Hopeless Fantasy -- Guest Post

I don't usually run poetry, but this piece is raw, honest, and spellbinding. Thanks to N. Lei Walker. .. ....more

Competition Hell

Just now, my girls put on shirts they haven't worn in a year. Their daddy made a big deal of it, because he happens to really like the shirts. Everything was lovely ....more