Fail Kitchen - How to make creepy apple grins

This one is a great family craft if you're up for it ....more

Only child versus the twin

Yesterday, I took my daughter on our first alone day together (we've done one other alone day, but I had the other twin).We went to the library where it was 'family board game day' (not recommended, I was disappointed in this event.)Anyway, she and I were playing happily this I Spy game, helping each other and generally bonding when Only Child came over.Only Child had the demeanor of almost every only child I've ever met. She was sweet, cute, happy to be alive, utterly intrusive and slightly irritating. This is not her fault ....more

Moment of the Week - Capoeira show

The girls put on their first show after practicing for months. So proud ....more

The rest of the Go the Fuck to Sleep series

Well, now that "You have to fucking eat" has come out to join its predecessor "Go the fuck to sleep", I've compiled a list of new titles I need to see from this author, asap. (Also, I'd have titled this sequel, "take a fucking bite", but same dif).1) Put your goddamn shoes on2) Brush your fucking teeth3) Get in the goddamn car4) I dare you to roll your eyes again5) Stop fucking crying6) This shit isn't important7) Go fucking play8) Stop saying my fucking name9) Go potty before I kill you10) Fuck you. Seriously, just fuck you (obviously the capper, for when parents have completely given up on life).Been a great day here so far, why do you ask? ...more

On being "that mom"

Look, I'm a Connecticut girl. New England, through and through. I'm liberal, I like Obama, I believe in sexual freedom, human rights for all, good welfare systems for those in need, legalizing marijuana, government health care and gun control.Obviously, I'm not a good fit here.I've learned (painfully and slowly) to keep my opinions to myself when dealing with "the moms." The moms are the group of southern women firmly entrenched in ideological ideals that run completely opposite to mine.To give a brief image, when the girls were in preschool, and Obama won his second term, I went into the school all WE WON, GUYS! ...more

10 things sexier than breastfeeding

Oh Facebook. You again.The other day, my friend at Fine and Fair wrote a great post on feminism and breastfeeding.She used this picture:...more

How to be a ghostwriter -- Guest post

It's considered shameful, and many people ask me how I could do such a thing, but I'm here to admit something out in the open. I'm a ghostwriter. And no, this isn't about the 90s era show about the ghost writing messages to kids so they can solve crimes (for the longest time, that's the only thing I could picture when hearing the term), it's an honest-to-goodness way to pay the bills ....more

8 Best Ways To De-Stress Your Child Creatively - Guest Post

Children these days are hard pressed for time while they shuffle from school, to tuition to sports training and other strenuous activities. The competitive environment bogs them down and results in both mental and physical exhaustion. The information overload is immense ....more

Why parents aren't teaching their kids responsibility

Surely you have seen this before. ...more

Why parents these days aren't teaching their kids responsibility

Surely you have seen this before. A very intelligent (and childless) friend of mine posted it on Facebook the other day, with the comment: "The real problem is that nobody understands chronology. The child of the 60s raised the child of the 80s who grew to be the parents of today."The truth of this hit me really hard because lately I've been consciously struggling with my parenting techniques, many of which, I've discovered, are still leftover pushbacks from when I was a child ....more