Parenting without Power Struggles, Susan Stiffelman -- Review

I've just finished my third book of the year, and it was a parenting book. I started it more than a year ago, and have been plodding through it slowly, when I need it, and I need it often.My kids are very spirited, and very loud. And it was hard for me to get them to do what I needed them to do without resorting to yelling or bullying of some sort.And I hated it.There are a lot of crap parts to this book ....more

The last debate

I'm here, watching the last Republican debate before the Iowa caucus, and I'm looking at all of these men talking about immigration, and I'm still just as boggled as I was three months ago when this all started. Why do none of these people know what they are talking about?Listening to the Republicans versus the Democrats, and it's like they are talking about two different countries, with two different sets of issues. And the Republicans keep talking about issues that don't exist ....more

Mommy, why would white people want to let Black people be equal? And other stories

So, my kids are learning a fair bit about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as they should.Their limited world experience and faint grasp on big-picture ideas, however, combined with curriculum that could probably be improved, has thrown them for a bit of a loop.Last week, one of my kids came home talking about this amazing "lesson" their teacher had them learn."Mommy, he split the class up in half, and he put us in two groups, then he told one group we were going to have a party, and he told the other group they couldn't come. They had to sit in another classroom ....more

Reasons my kids couldn't possibly go to sleep before 10 p.m.

The girls slept late this morning because of the holiday. And tomorrow, we're up at 6:30 a.m. again. Do they care? ...more

The non-existent gummies

My kids are smarter than I am.It's true and it's scary.I say a thing, and suddenly we're talking about an entirely different thing (usually which isn't even in existence in the logical realm). Today, amid dozens of things, we had a long chat about who WOULD get the last bag of gummies if I had any gummies in the car. Which I didn't ....more

Pie Face

So, right before Pie Face was all the rage, my father bought my kids the game and sent it to us.It sat in its box for quite a while, then, since I kept saying, "no, let's not play it today," eventually they took it upon themselves to open the box and lose a piece or two and make a huge mess.Then it sat atop my fridge for quite a while because I just could not with that whole thing.Today, we decided, was the day to actually try it out.And just as in that viral video, the girls absolutely loved it. Giggles galore.I didn't take a video, but I snapped some pictures and I'll put them together for you below in a series I call, Pie Face: In Sequence ....more

Resolutions 2016

In 2016, my largest goal is to regain control of my life. I do a lot of things, and in doing those things, I'm almost always frazzled, forgetting something, stressed out, late, not finishing what I need to finish because I overbooked, etc.I have no sense of calm.None.That's the main goal this year. Get it together, me ....more

2015 Resolution check

So, before I set new resolutions, I have to see whether or not I actually did anything I was supposed to in 2015. Probably not. That's usually how I roll.Let's see.10) Stop smokingNO.0 pts.9) Stop biting my nails (for real, this is ridiculous)NO.0 pts8) Go to the gym 3 times a weekMehhh, no.0 pts.7) Eat three meals a day and drink at least 4 glasses of water a day (I need to start feeling better).Nope ....more

Freelancing Numbers - Year 1

At the end of my first year of freelancing, I thought some numbers and stats might help others.This year, I made $23,833.19.My lowest income month was April: $735My highest income month was July: $4,566.81On average I made $1,986 a month.That's $496.52 a week.Remember, though, I still have to do my taxes. So take-home is like two thirds of the total, right? Which leaves me at: $15,729.91.Okay, so not great ....more