How to best prepare your babysitter -- Guest post

a baby sitter's dream come true - extra pacis in the utensil drawer! So, the time has come. It's either your first time leaving your baby with a baby sitter or perhaps it is the first time with a new baby sitter ....more

How Music and Entertainment Connect Autistic Children With the World -- S post

Autism and autism spectrum disorders have created unique challenges for parents for years. These disorders are often misunderstood, which makes it more difficult for parents who want their children to live normal lives. It's very important for people to understand that children with autism have many talents and interests that should be embraced, especially in the process of helping them to adapt....more

Fail Kitchen - Brain Cupcakes

"It's not going to be perfect. It's a brain. It doesn't have to be." ...more

Gaining 50 pounds proves nothing to no one

So, more than a year after the Maria Kang debacle, I wake up to this on my newsfeed."Woman packs on 50 pounds to prove 'no excuses' for being overweight"...more

Gaining 50 pounds proves nothing to no one

So, more than a year after the Maria Kang debacle, I wake up to this on my newsfeed."Woman packs on 50 pounds to prove 'no excuses' for being overweight" Apparently, a while back, Katie Hopkins decided she was tired of having people tell her she was "lucky to be thin" and blaming their obesity on things other than themselves. She got so tired of it that she decided to eat 6,500 calories a day until she gained 50 pounds, just to show that it's only caloric intake and lack of exercise that makes people fat.The only thing her "experiment" proves to me is that Katie Hopkins likes to fat shame. A lot ....more

Moving on from National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day -- Guest Post

One week ago, I logged into Facebook to check on my friends for the day....more

Why are we always apologizing for expressing ourselves? -- Guest Post

Today I found out that I have Lyme Disease. It has already invaded my joints, judging from puffy tautness of my left hand knuckles and wrist. I have no memory of yanking a tick from my skin ....more

How to handle mean, baseless "reviews" -- Guest post

Last night the Twitterverse exploded around Kathleen Hale’s essay in The Guardian, Am I being catfished? An author confronts her number-one online critic. I’d read it a few days ago, thought it had a great ho-lee-shit quality about it, and scheduled a tweet for later in the week.Little did I know.If you haven’t seen it yet, a Goodreads user writing under the handle “Blythe” wrote a review of Hale’s book ....more

Yoga Phrases for the Competitive Mind

I'm basically the worst match for yoga in the history of ill-fitting romances. I'm not one to just "let go of what I'm holding". I need that shit ....more

When Kids Can't Connect the Dots

One of my children has the unfortunate habit of screaming like a banshee when something has offended her, or her sister has teased her, or anything has angered or annoyed her in any way. The other one has the unfortunate habit of trying out different forms of insult humor, then throwing a tantrum when no one finds it funny. Then trying to pretend it never happened and opening up new conversation as if she hadn't just skewered her opponent, then crying about it again when her conversation partner isn't ready to move on yet.Both things happened yesterday, and, at different times, in different situations, I explained to them that sometimes saying sorry is the best way to move forward ....more