Self-Discovery in the Global Village

Pari Esfandiari, Editor http://www.eclecticwomen.orgLast week, I attended Dr. Fariba Rofougaran’s book signing. The evening rapidly turned to a fun personality typology test that captured the crowd’s imagination. I had an opportunity to have a one to one opportunity to have a one to one conversation with Fariba.  What is a personality typology?...more

Beauty Industry - An interview with Steve Sleeper, executive director of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)

Top beauty industry executives gathered at the CosmoProf North America (CPNA) 2013 convention held in Las Vegas NV on July 14-16th. Originally, a lose gathering of distributors, this event was the 1...more

Women in Alternative Investments Are Reaching A Tipping Point!

During 2012 the issue of women became a daily news headline. Debated, discussed and occasionally celebrated. The old issues of women right to abortion resurfaced in political debate. Could women have it all became hot topic with resignation and follow up article from Anne-Marie Slaughter. While employment of Marissa Mayer of Yahoo at late stage of her pregnancy according to her showed “evolving thinking of corporate board members”. Sheryl Sandberg of FaceBook voiced her concern for women and discussed extensively existing cultural barriers....more

Wearable computers!

Writer: Dr. Pari EsfandiariOnce a concept exclusive to 007’s James Bond and seen in other spy movies, today it is real and here. ...more

Tribal Internet Gaming

Pari Esfandiari, Internet gaming was a hot topic during the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)’s Mid Year Conference. The two day conference took place on September 18th-19th . The event brought together over 500 tribal leaders and gaming professionals at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. ...more

A presidential reception

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, arrived in a New York with a clear mission: to convince both the American public and UN general assembly that if anyone is eager for war it is American government, not Iranian. His efforts to strike a friendlier note began prior to his arrival with a request to visit Ground Zero to pay respect to the victims – a symbolic gesture. Considering Iran response right after 9/11 was immense sympathy and there has never been a link between Iran and al-Qaeda, the refusal to grant a visit seemed unnecessary and unfriendly. ...more

Green Businesses

The much celebrated notion of green business emerged in 1990s as a result of confluence of circumstances. The term implies that business, as a responsible agent of society, would voluntarily embrace green values. It is argued that green business is a natural, inevitable, and essential progression, and the environmental responsibility is an expansion of earlier social responsibility of business towards employee and community, now expanded to include the national and international community as well as the environment. ...more

Crackdown in Iran: What women wear

Since few days ago the Iranian police have launched a crack down on women whose hijabs do not match the government’s expectations. ...more

Thanks, Pari, for a terrific account of what's going on there. Great photos as well. Here in ...more

Iran opens Holocaust conference

To deny the truth of the Holocaust would not bring justice to the Palestinians whose lives have been destroyed by aggressive policies of Modern Israel. However, it will strengthen the argument that Israel is under threat and therefore entitled to use extreme measures in order to defend itself. ...more

Blaming solely the Israelis for the predicament the Palestinians now find themselves in is ...more