A Formal Introduction

My husband and I were stunned and amazed. In just under 30 minutes, the doctors delivered two little people in this world. We knew that their babies were in good hands. There was nothing for the us to do other than to sit back and wait while the doctor stitched up the gaping hole in my tummy. I fought back my tears. I wanted to cry because I was robbed of the experience of having our babies placed upon me to hold for the first time. I was robbed of the experience of being able to count 10 little fingers and 10 little toes twice over....more

A Mommy is Born

Once upon a time, on a cold Wednesday afternoon, a boy was born into this world. The doctors lifted his tiny body up in the air for his parents to see him and announced "This is your son." The baby boy was placed into an incubator and whisked out of the room.  Two minutes later, the doctor repeated the processed and lifted another tiny baby into the air and announced, "Here is your daughter."  She too was placed into an incubator and whisked out of the room.  ...more
It was just one of those things that wasn't planned. The experience made me seriously consider ...more

The Elf on the Shelf Has Been Banned From Our House.

A few years back, when the Elf On The Shelf was starting to pick up popularity, my very enthusiastic daughter pleaded with me to get her The Elf On The Shelf.   She begged me to please get one because all her friends had it and it would be so cool to have one in our house too.Not really knowing anything about what the Elf craze was all about, we drove over to our local bookstore to get one.  I thought it looked kind of cute and it had a book!  I figured it would be something that we would add to our Christmas traditions and family....more

It's Never Too Late To Be Thankful

It doesn't take a lot effort to be thankful for what we have and don't have in our lives.While I am in currently hosting a one-woman pity party, I am very thankful and grateful that my children and family are essentially healthy and not battling any life-threatening diseases.I am thankful and grateful that my children are so resilient and  strong.I know that we have faced many medical challenges and I certainly realize that we have been more than blessed and lucky in many ways.  I know that things could be so much worse....more

Learning All The Time

I have been very distressed since Thanksgiving Eve. My daughter's complaints of pain had diminished a bit since the procedure, which is absolutely great news! She reports that the pain was greater prior to the procedure....more

I Lied To My Child And I Feel Terrible

Today I told my daughter a horrible lie. She was sitting on her bed and examining her thighs. She stated matter-of-factly that she wished that her thigh was skinnier and the same size as the other. "Actually I want my thighs to match and be skinny like my friends."I swallowed back a huge lump in my throat and convincingly lied to her. I said,"Sweetie, don't worry, your leg is swollen right now from the surgery. The swelling will go back down and everything will be fine. Now go get dressed."...more