Helping Kids Listen: The Non-Compliant Child

I get a lot of questions from parents when I teach my parenting classes. I loved this question because it highlights how truly different kids are:I have 4 children. I am able to use the more effective communication skills I have learned in your classes however I find that it will work for some kids but not the others. For example, I will say, “When the all the crayons, markers and paper are put back in the arts and crafts drawer then we will have our snack.” 3 children will clean up and one will start throwing around the crayons. What do I do then?...more

Passover Is Almost Here: Get Your Kids On Board!

Passover is right around the corner and I am just past the nail-biting phase. This is where I just worry about Passover. I think about all the cooking and cleaning and I feel overwhelmed not sure how I am going to do it all.After 13 years of hosting Passover in my home, I know that this is an annoying but necessary part of the process. The anxiety that I generate during this time actually propels me forward into the next stage where I finally organize, clean and cook....more