Black Lives Matter vs Blue Lives Matter

Recently, Rush Limbaugh called Black Lives Matter a terrorist group in his broadcast.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Maybe he thinks the Dallas shooter (I won’t use his name) was part of BLM, but police say he was NOT part of the BLM protest. ...more

Black History 101 / Part 20 -- Cancer Radiation Experiment

While I tire of repeating myself, I cannot stress enough that U.S. Black history is U.S. history and should be taught as such.  Education is the only way to combat the rampant racism that seems to be appearing out of nowhere.  The more educated we are the better we will understand, not only the hatred towards Blacks, but also how irrational the hatred actually has been....more

Black History 101 / Part 19 -- Tuskegee Experiment

Tuskegee Experiment...more

Black History 101 / Part 18 -- Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta LacksRace is on the minds of many people who wonder how we got to the place we are in race relations and how so much hatred can still be expressed based on the color of a person’s skin.  It has a lot to do with the history of the United States and the manner this country deals with and has dealt with its Black citizens.  Medical science owes a lot to Blacks that were experimented on without their permission, but none is more important that the experiments conducted on Henrietta Lacks’ cells. ...more

Black History 101 / Part 17 -- Slave Medicine

            You must understand the history of the United States to begin to understand the racial problems experienced by Blacks in this country.  I keep saying that Black history is U.S. history and I believe it should be taught as such; likewise I have said some U.S....more

Black History 101 / Part 16 -- Rosewood


Black History 101 / Part 15 -- Black Wall Street

Black Wall StreetIt is difficult for some people to accept that U.S. Black history is United States history.  With so much attention being placed on police and Blacks, many are searching to understand what the problem is and how to combat the problem of racism.                           ...more

Black History 101 / Part 14 -- The End of the Red Summer

As I come to the end of the Red Summer, or rather what I will write regarding the Red Summer, I must state that U.S....more

Black History 101 / Part 13 -- The Red Summer -- Phillips County Arkansas

 Phillips County Arkansas...more

Black History 101 / Part 12 -- Red Summer -- Omaha

Omaha I apologize for taking such a long break in this series.  But the political climate and the hate speech that our politicians have been participating in, has shown me that I must continue to remind you that in the United States, our Black history is United States history that must have the light shown on it. 1919 Nebraska may have seemed an odd place for a race riot.  Blacks made up less than 1% of Nebraska’s population, with 78% of the state’s Blacks living in Omaha....more