That is SO 2014. I hope.

Lately, when I've gotten online, I've found myself to be much less tolerant of...well...just about everything. I haven't exactly been my happiest self recently, and when I'm like this, I tend to have decreased patience for people, children, noise, the internet, and my dirty house. It's why I've all but disappeared from Facebook. The whole place makes me want to smack the shit out of people (not you, of course -- I still love you...)....more
I so understand......more

Why You'll Love to Hate 'Red Band Society'

For the last few years, millions of people have happy/ugly cried their way through readings and viewings of The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay -- two young adult novels embraced by "regular" adults and therefore embraced by Hollywood for conversion onto the big screen. So what happens when the public spends a bunch of money on stories about kids dying of cancer or trapped in a coma? You get the Red Band Society. Image: Fox ...more
I fell into Honey Boo Boo's show on TV when traveling, and could barely stop watching it even as ...more

Adding 'Frozen' to 'Once Upon a Time' is Mostly Pretty Cool, But I'm Not Warming Up to Kristoff

"That's a pretty cool trick that they did with the troll." ...more
Hello somebodymore

Two Women Made the MasterChef Finale, So Why Were Their Shoes The Focus?

This week, the two finalists from Season 5 of MasterChef competed for the title of America’s Best Home Chef. After first being chosen from a pool of thousands, these extremely talented, self-taught women withstood three months of grueling challenges to become the last ones standing. And, incidentally, they joined other women from the international MasterChef shows when they became part of the first women’s-only finale on MasterChef U.S. ...more
Here is my issue. Courtney shoes each cost around $1,200. They are leboutine shoes. She claimed ...more

Should Bloggers Stop Using "Whore" and "Pimp"?

The Blogging Betties don't often deal with controversial topics, but recently, a word got dropped into our laps that created a little discussion behind the scenes: Whore....more
Language is rich. There are so many ways to express enthusiasm, self-promotion, control, and ...more

Starting a Blog is Like Having a Baby

I know what you were thinking when you started your blog. You had a kid. It was hard. It was boring. It was stressful. So you decided, hey, I'll start a blog! That'll make me feel like my life's worth living again. But what you didn't know was that all the hard, boring, stressful stuff you were trying so desperately to escape wasn't going to end at your laptop. Oh no. It was only the beginning. Because having a blog is exactly like raising a kid. Exactly.* ...more
Nancy_Reagan very truemore

A BlogHer "First Time in Forever"

The following, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you leave the soundtrack to Disney's Frozen in my car. I listen to it, sing by myself (loudly), and come up with weird crap to do. Case in point? Behold, our debut Blogging Betties Short—a BlogHer First Time in Forever.   ...more
vanita I did that on purpose. Just to drive you insane.more

Would Your Kid Survive in a REAL(ish) Mommy War?

The mommy wars. Cruise Facebook for more than 10 minutes, and you'll find a thread that does at least one of the following:...more

Rules for Pissing on Someone's Blog

If you're a blogger -- or human for that matter -- you know all too well that time and energy are limited. For every blog you can comment on, there are 10,000 more. For every Tweeter you follow there are a million waiting. Like one of those evil pictures within a picture that explains infinity, it just never ends. ...more

First Time in BlogHer

The following, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you leave the soundtrack to Disney's Frozen in my car. I listen to it, sing by myself (loudly), and come up with weird crap to do. Case in point? Behold, our debut Blogging Betties Short -- a BlogHer First Time in Forever....more