Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Before Thanksgiving arrived, I was already anticipating Christmas. I had a queue of holiday movies prepared and had ordered my first...more

Holiday Recipe Round-Up

With the holidays just around the corner,...more

Almond Espresso Cookies

I bottle up my emotions—frustration, irritation, worries, and fears. I...more

Glazed Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

This is a recipe for...more

Pumpkin Pie (Dairy-Free)

A few inches of snow cover the sidewalks...more

Maple Syrup Cake with Toasted Almonds

My Canadian roommate introduced me to maple syrup when I first moved to Montreal. You've never tried real maple syrup before? We need to fix that ....more

Last-Minute Halloween Recipes

Halloween is a marvelous holiday for children, but it loses a bit of its appeal once you become an adult (especially one who lives in a place where little witches and wizards cannot come knocking on the door). ...more

Rustic Apple Tart

The nearest apple orchard is a half hour drive on a gravel road. Cars come away wearing jackets of dust and...more

Vegan Caramel

Since discovering my dairy intolerance two years ago, I've been on the search to find dairy-free replacements for many of my former beloved butter and cream-filled desserts. Cakes and cookies were easy to convert, ice cream and confections were a bit more challenging, but I've managed to eat and eat while since. Though I found my intolerance curse in the beginning, I have made due with the cards I've been dealt ....more

Pumpkin Molasses Bread

With the sun setting earlier each evening and the daylight hours dwindling, I have unconsciously begun nestling in for the cold months to come. The freezer is well stocked. The sweaters have made their way to the center of the closet, pushing aside the t-shirts and summer dresses ....more