Sneaky Chat Test: The Vitamin Shoppe vs. Trusted Nutrients

  Recently my weight loss has slowed down to a stall, and I had to ask myself, what am I doing wrong? One of my first thoughts was, “Maybe I should actually start following directions.” See, right on the bottle it says, “Take one capsule with a full glass of water one hour before breakfast and lunch.” Do I do that? Nope. That bottle is not the boss of me. I'm too busy to schedule my medicine....more
Which Gc did you use? Was it the one that is distributed by Trusted Nutrients?more

No Sweetie, I Won't Tell You Why I Left Your Daddy

 Last night was curriculum night at my daughter's school. My ex-husband and I met at the school to sit down and get to know the teachers. This was the first time my ex had been to the school since I enrolled the kids there last spring. He told me last week he didn't even know for sure where the school was. But I digress. ...more

10 Wacky Weight Loss Tips That Work

Recently I was talking to my sister on the phone about my frustration at gaining back all the weight I had lost two years ago. She, who has always been slender and athletic, said to me, “All you have to do is…” and then launched into a lecture about portion sizes, 30 minutes per day of exercise, and “choose this, not that.”  As I listened to her, I grew more and more resentful. I know she was trying to help, but what she doesn’t understand is that often times obese people know just as much about fitness and nutrition as those who don’t struggle with weight issues. ...more
I'm definitely going to try the black beans and brownie mix, that sounds insane. On #8 you ...more