2016 Foodie

Well, 2016 started and well I got plans (pause *is that God Laughing or the Rain? * ) to go to the Blogher Foodie Conference versus the Blogher Convention in LA.Why?Austin Texas October 6&7th ( Oh and I should go see some family at some point ) So my grand plan is to from SFO to Dallas on the 5th then Drive from Dallas to Austin ( courtesy of Zipcar ) to go to Foodie then headback to Dallas spend at least four hours with some blood relation and then promptly get on a jet out of Dallas back to California. ...more

Giving Money Away

Well, it is officially the Holiday Season so I am officially giving money away. On my personal blog if you leave a comment about a nonprofit you would like to double your donation to I will match up to $100. Simply put for the past 8 years I have typed, hyped, implored my google bots to give money and this year I am matching it for a total of $500. ...more

Selling my closet on the Internet

While other people call it decluttering I will admit I was a little greedy when I went and made an eBay account and tried to sell some stuff.I actually did do some good cleaning of my closet and for the most part I have not added to my closet aside from the free t shirt and a pair of work pants.I sold a great silk dress and a gold shimmer dress and a few pairs of pants.The items that have not sold are still up in my closet and I am still debating having the pants taken in and one suit tailored. ...more

Just let it be a cute box

I admit I have limited funds but what little I do have I found to spend on something I would never buyThat is why I love Birchbox, Ipsy and Bulu because I have been introduce to brands and products I probably would not go out and buy myself.I literally did not like leave-in conditioner based on a review someone else I knew that put it in her hair and it felt "heavy". Trust me with my thick bob I can't have a heavy feel in my hair....more

Sweating it out

Did you know we have 2.6 million sweat glands in our system? I think some of mine should have dried up by now! Yet there is only potassium and salt apparently in sweat …I was so hoping a nice ounce or two of fat would drip off me too but apparently that only happens to chickens on a rotisserie not me on a stationary bike at +20 level....more

Sorry Hashtag I am not a journalist

Well, I bet you are thoroughly confused by my title since if you have been on my twitter feed or googled me you may have seen where the publications have posted 'my writings'. I did not write one word of actual article. Hashtag Sorry I am not a journalist when someone puts me in their paper.li feed which is like Bloglovin except it has the word paper in it. ...more

Events and Nonprofits

Part of my #ChristmasInJuly Blogging is to highlight some really fun events that are going on and I am talking Craft Fairs to plain parties. I just wish I could go to each of them ...even a Cruise on the Potomac ! ...more

Donating Your Time

I really wish I could have gone to Blogher15 but I am way to frugal and when it came down to it I think when I do go to New York I would like to volunteer...but how much is my time worth?...more

I learned about this from another blogger

Christmas In July : Donate / Shop Here : Schoola I actually do read a lot of blogs and am fortunate to know about a lot of opportunities for you to give back and find a great nonprofit to support...or shop from.Please consider Schoola...more

July Job Hunt

One thing about summer it absolutely sucks to be out of work because while everyone else is going off to the Fair to gorge themselves on fried twinkies and Rick Astley performances you are looking at another type of fair...the job fair....more