Losing a Child Through Cancer & Let Hope Live

If any event can be termed "thought provoking," yesterday's Arts Festival for "Let Hope Live," a foundation for the care of children with cancer might get such a fitting title. ...more

Looking for Mad Men in All the Right Places

Okay, the gig is almost up and this is the final season of that incredible series Mad Men. It's a well known fact that coupled with a dynamic cast and story line, the show helped spur a trend in Modernist interior design. From the 50s to the 70s, Mid Century designs have found a rebirth in homes and offices all over the country and even current architectural planning has hearkened back to the latter half of the 20th Century. Danish Modern is hot again and Ikea, Crate & Barrel and Pier One Imports get it....more

1964 Sears Catalog

My friend stopped in at the shop the other day and brought me a copy of a 1964 Sears Spring Catalog. I can't believe how current some of it seemed, except for the prices, of course ......more

Creating Tacky Furniture

As we all know, tacky, unused furniture can be found in just about every home. It lurks in the recesses of our rooms, hidden behind piles of clothes or stashed in an attic or basement, future Salvation Army fodder. But the tacky I bring to you is something you can do to recreate a piece of furniture you might otherwise discard. All it takes is a little paint and a few tacks to create a design original....more

An Interesting Story for My One Follower

I popped on to BlogHer yesterday and discovered that I actually have a follower.  In all the years of my blogging, I have never had a follower and honestly, amassing followers hasn't been one of my top priorities.  That being said, now that I have a follower, I have to write interesting stories to keep my follower interested....more

The Loss of Our Dog and Bernadette of Lourdes

Our family dog died on July 6th and my family was devastated. Buster had been what I liked to call our sole source of love and joy for fifteen years. A beagle mix, we had rescued him from the local Animal Rescue at eight months and he never failed to delight us. My son had been visiting my oldest daughter for the 4th of July weekend and was not at home. The partner was at the neighbors and I was returning from the shop with the middle daughter behind me. I was the one who found him lying on the bedroom floor where he often slept....more

Humans of The 518

I seem to go through spurts when it comes to writing and then a dry spell will hit and I completely lose interest or I get bored with hearing myself write. That being said, something or someone will come along that jolts me forward and I am able to write once again....more

1978 Bob Van Allen Tangent Sugar Bowl

This is a Tangent Yellow sugar bowl that was made in Japan for Mikasa from 1978 to 1981 by designer Bob Van Allen. His fab work was short-lived as he died in his early forties. The look is fresh and "Neo-Deco" as I like to call it. This particular line came in colors of yellow, terra cotta, black and navy blue and was known as stone china. One could build a modern kitchen around this piece....more

1957 Nude Woman Oil Painting

Here's a quirky and whimsical "nude" painting that is dated 1957 on the back. Unsigned, but attributed to H.L. Rittenhouse, this beauty is done in oil on mason board.  Rittenhouse was a Poughkeepsie artist who was known for his caricatures of the horses and their jockies at the Saratoga Race Track in Upstate New York. This is one of his earlier works and shows some wear, especially on the edges....more

The Deconstructed Style in Interior Design

I'm always trying to keep up with the latest fads and styles that pertain to my vintage business, so what's trending is what I try to find for my shop. It's more difficult than it used to be since trends come and go as fast as the latest smart phone development. One trend that I have developed a deep appreciation for is the deconstructed look. Deconstructed furniture and accoutrements are pretty hot items in the designer field and I've noted that this is especially true out West. I recently wrote a blog about deconstructing a bench that sold to a young designer in L.A. She loved it....more