ENERGY ALERT- 3 Places At Once (Part 3)

ENERGY ALERT…Three Places At Once (Part 3)...more

ENERGY ALERT, 3 Places At Once (Part 2)

ENERGY ALERT…Three Places At Once(Part 2)...more

ENERGY ALERT: Three Places At Once Part 1

  8/25/2013ENERGY ALERT… 3 Places At Once(Part 1)...more

ENERGY ALERT - Capturing Thoughtstorms

8/15/2013ENERGY ALERT-Recognizing  Thoughtstorms“Thoughtstorms” are not good or bad. They are simply attempting to bring your attention to the many alternatives for their use…”Thoughtstorms” will ignite your emotions to bring your awareness to them and once the emotions have your attention they can magnify themselves until you have deciphered their message…...more

ENERGY ALERT...Happy 8 Completion Day

8/8/13ENERGY ALERT Happy 8 Completion Day                       Your mind is physically exhausting you with all of the things you wish to accomplish…Creative ideas and projects are circulating throughout your body requesting that you embark on an activity. It is calling for you to complete something, anything....more

ENERGY ALERT...Listening Season

7/31/13ENERGY ALERTListening Season Photo by Patrina Rutherford This is the listening season.  The geomagnetic field is quiet with very active solar activity. This can cause you to be in an emotionally neutral place once again. As you are aware Neutral can be quite disconcerting.  From this central location you may swing from one extreme emotion to the next without notice…...more


 ENERGY ALERT COLOR 3/13/13Do not take another step if you are experiencing unexplained foot cramps. Stop and assess your situation for taking any action. Using all of your senses, stop and listen to the guidance of God in your quietness.  ...more

ENERGY ALERT... Shhh Listen

1/14/13 Shhh Listen…...more

Aromatherapy Methods of Application

                                                                          Aromatherapy Methods of Application...more

Is Your Business Out There

 Many creative people have a very detailed vision of their "Dream" business  or project. It is vivid. It is alive. It follows you around all day and all night. Maybe you have been thinking about or obsessing about "it" for so long that it no longer exists in your mind. It really is "out there'.Now you have developed that image to the extent that you fear someone else may find it and use it, well steal it, before it becomes your reality....more