Boys and potty talk

What is it about boys and potty talk? Is there something on the Y chromosome that programs them with an affinity for all things gross, nasty, and inappropriate? Take my 8-year-old. No matter how many times he gets in trouble for his potty mouth, he insists on telling me inappropriate jokes. It just doesn’t seem to register that I don’t think they’re funny....more

Societal psychosis: how political correctness is killing childhood

Childhood has been terminally ill for a long time. But, like mourners at a wake, we act as if there’s nothing more we can do than reminisce about the things we did as a kid that are unthinkable now:...more

No, you couldn't do it better...

I’ve been running around doing a lot of Christmas shopping today. Partly because I needed to, and partly because I’ve been suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. I asked my Facebook friends for help, and, as always, they came through with some fantastic ideas. You’ll be seeing those in the coming days (except for the one about learning science in Finnish…sorry, Jamie!). But it also made me realize that I didn’t really have writer’s block; I had very stubborn resistance to writing what was eating through my soul....more

The Purpose of Prayer in Zero-Sum Situations

There appears to be a huge ice storm headed our way. I’m not convinced. Yet. These things have a tendency to split at the river, go north and south of us, and meet back up on the other side. I know there’s no scientific basis for that; but we sure do end up in a “donut hole” a lot of the time. But the forecasters sound pretty serious about this one....more

True lies we tell our kids: Santa stories

The laws of mommy karma stipulate that judging other moms will come back to bite you in the nether regions. Every. Single. Time. Once upon a time, I thought that moms who deprived their children of the Santa experience because they didn’t want to “lie” to them had their panties, bras, socks, and other assorted undergarments in an unusually gnarly wad. So I’m really not surprised that, now that my kids are a little older, I feel my nose growing just a tad every time we talk about Santa. Karma never forgets....more

Homeschooling families: Does the Romeike case concern you?

I think I need to throw a couple of things out there right off the bat. First, I don't homeschool. So I don't have a direct stake in this. Second, while this isn't a political blog, my political philosophy (small-government conservative) is as much a part of who I am as being a woman, a mother, a Catholic, etc. It fundamentally affects how I see the world. So sometimes my politics are going to leak through…but I promise I'll try my best to show all sides....more

Money goblins

Money goblins are my nemesis. You might not call them that, but  you know what they are: the things that suck money out of your bank account without a deliberate decision on your part. Here are my top goblins:...more

Mommy wars: judging parenting decisions without knowing the whole story

Few things can disrupt a family's routine like the birth of a child who doesn't fit the standard mold. With autism rates in the U.S. approaching 1 in 88, and diagnoses of ADHD and behavioral/mood disorders increasing as well, it's a struggle for a lot of families. It can force you to rethink every notion you ever had about how you would parent. And the judgment of other parents can make it even harder. Here is an open letter to moms of "typical" children from moms who are finding themselves having to adjust to something other than what they expected.Dear mom of a typical kid,...more

Mommy driving is distracted driving

Let me state right up front that I'm not condoning texting while driving: it's stupid, reckless, and shows a total disregard for life (yours and everyone else's). Don't do it. The same goes for emailing, Facebooking, tweeting, etc. What I am saying is…and let's be honest here…that distracted driving has been around as long as there have been moms behind the wheel and kids in the backseat. And I don't see that changing unless carseats are issued with straitjackets and duct tape....more

Operation Underground Railroad: an amazing group of vets protecting our most vulnerable children

I wish I had heard about sooner. It would have made a great Veterans Day story. But it's no less powerful today. It's not a pretty story; it's about the sexual enslavement of children. Did you know that, worldwide, there are 2 million children entrapped in sexual slavery? And don't think it doesn't happen here. Thousands of children each year are sold into and out of the U.S. It could be happening in your own neighborhood....more