Do I Need Progressive Lenses To Up My Game

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A Poem: When You have Black Sons

 The TalkIt’s more than time we had that talkabout what to say and where to walk,how to act and how to strive,how to stay upright and stay alive.How to live and learn,how to dig and be dug in return....more

Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden Joins Important African American Gardens

Every African American garden teaches a different lesson. But for me a garden...more

Best Travel and Food Movie: 100 Foot Journey Opening Friday August 8

While at Blogher 14, I attended a private screening of the movie,”The 100 Foot Journey.” ...more

The Realness of Life: Flawed but Authentic

It’s Sunday, the day before my birthday. Blogher14 is over and I’m soon to take a flight out of San Francisco to head home. This flawed but authentic signage is from a project sponsored.. ....more

Is Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill of Interest to You

There is no need to ask whether saving money on your grocery bill is of interest to you. I have a friend who has created a system for reducing your weekly grocery bill that will work for any size... This is a content summary ....more

Why Twists and Turns Are to Be Expected in a Life Reimagined

I just left SXSW V2V (South by Southwest Vision 2 Venture) Conference in Las Vegas. I know this title, “Vision to Venture” will ring a sweet bell for all of you dreamers, entrepreneurs,... This is a content summary ....more

You Are Never Too Old: #Sweetie Pie’s returns to OWN

Miss Robbie Montgomery...more

7 Days to a Better Blog

The 7 Days to a Better Blog Challenge by Brandi Jeter Riley “Have you heard that there are well over 250 MILLION blogs on the internet?” Brandi Riley, the blogger behind Mama Knows It... This is a content summary. Please visit my website for the full post ....more

A Grandmothers’ Fears Helped by Little Remedies #ColorofInfluence

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