Personal Injury brought Jonathan Bender to the Wearable Tech Sector

Photo Credit-JB-Intensive-Trainer On trend, wearable technology generally refers to simulated closeness, feedback systems, and something called the authenticated self. These trends are coming to... This is a content summary ....more

How To Create The Most Beautiful Day

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day and while I did not participate in an organized Day of Service, I set out to create the most beautiful day that I could. I supported one of my friends, spent time... This is a content summary ....more

An Informed Decision Will Help Manage Health Care Costs

This is to advise that although I received compensation for this post, the opinions contained within are my own. With flu season upon us, and hard-to-describe cold-like symptoms afflicting many of... This is a content summary ....more

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge: Cambridge, Maryland

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is one of four major flyways in the United States. I’d never seriously thought about the actual flight patterns of birds during the winter months until I... This is a content summary ....more

Could You Be Leaving Money On the Table Because of Your Attitude on Aging

Part 1 Does your messaging demonstrate that you are clear that not all old people are the same. Could you be leaving money on the table because your messaging fails on this score? The baby boomers.. ....more

If You Are An Influencer Meet Me at SoFab On the Road – LA

I am busy tying up loose ends from 2014, waiting for the arrival of a new grandson while at the same time identifying ways to make 2015 better. Readers know I travel and one of the reasons I travel... This is a content summary ....more

Don’t Let Your Flexible Spending Dollars Go to Waste

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links You have until midnight tonight to allocate your flexible spending dollars for medical... This is a content summary. Please visit my website for the full post ....more

The App That Turns Your Home into A Connected Home

I travelled a lot in 2014. Several times after I boarded a plane, I had that “moment” – the moment when I started to worry that the lights were not off; or I worried I had left the oven on. What I.. ....more

We Can’t Afford To Wait For Change To Come

Guest Post from Ruth Curran of Cranium Crunches As the sun sets on some old behaviors, Ruth weighs in with an alternative and supportive position. Not too long ago a group of young people walked out... This is a content summary ....more

“The Other Talk”: Changing the Conversation about Postmenopause

After we reach age 50, are there still some things that mom knows best? Well, as you’ll see in this funny video “The Other Talk”, the answer is a resounding YES, especially when it comes to... This is a content summary ....more