Facing 40 with 40 Sun Salutations - Inspiring Yoga Teacher Sarah Rubin's Secrets to Facing Fears

I'm thinking about my friend, fellow yogini Sarah Rubin today - she's turning 40, and celebrating by doing 40 Sun Salutations with her Warrior Rising fitness and yoga class.  By my estimation they're probably up to 10 or 11, getting in the groove and feeling great to be alive.  Sarah, I'm sure, is exuding  strength and calm and kindness, the way she did every time we taught yoga together to kids with special needs....more

A Hurricane, A Manuscript Delivery, So Much to Be Thankful For...

A Hurricane, a Manuscript Delivery, so Many Reasons to be Thankful ...more

Life after Foster Care - My "Little Sister" Checks Out Camellia Network

Seventeen years ago, DH (dear husband) and I joined the  Big Brother Big Sister program and a super smart and spunky 7-year-old named Yiru came into our lives.  It is hard to describe how much joy we felt when this past Christmas, Yiru and her boyfriend took our daughters, G (age 11) and R (age 6) , to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes....more

Never Too Late - How a 70+ yo Published her Memoir and Made her Dream Come True

My friend and editor Ruth Mullen told me my favorite kind of story recently, about a book she fell in love with.  "It is just so beautifully written and touching--more than touching, it is insightful," she wrote to me.  It's a memoir  about a relationship the author had years ago teaching a young deaf boy and all the things he taught her in return, which on its own sounds fascinating.  But even more amazing, the author, Jeri Parker, is 70-something years old, and although her manuscript did not find a home with a mainstream publisher, she didn't give up....more

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike Without Losing Your Mind (hint: Get Help)

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike (hint: Get Help)  ...more

10 Years. Wow.

Coaster by G, age 11...more

Listen to Your Mother Show NYC - Backstage, Onstage, the World's a Stage!

"How did it go??" everyone wants to know.  The first Listen to Your Mother Show to hit NYC is over, and I'm feeling its impact on every level, from my sore feet to my full heart to my blown mind.  I CAN'T WAIT for the videos to be posted to YouTube this summer, at which point I will offer you a link to experience the event yourself in all its hilarious, poignant, life-affirming glory....more

Gasp! My Little Girl Loves Bad Buzz!

We have 2 Buzz Lightyear dolls. Today, 11-year-old G gave one to 6-year-old R, teasing her younger sister with:"Ha ha, you have Bad Buzz! I have Good Buzz!" R, quick with a retort:  "Well, that's FINE because I LOVE Bad Buzz."G: "No you don't.  Bad Buzz is the bad guy."R's reply?  Get this:   "Bad Buzz started off bad, but then he becomes good in the end. I love him because he's had ADVENTURES.  Good Buzz has only lived HALF A LIFE."G and I are still gaping....more

My No-Alcohol Month is Over!

 "Want some Bailey's in that?" My brother-in-law asked, pointing to my coffee.  This was the day before yesterday, Sunday brunch.  "Absolutely, yes!" I said.  "My month without alcohol is over.  Now, I want it at every meal."   Joking!  Sort of!...more

You Are the Boss of You

So far, 2012 is off to a great start here at FFUD - we've had an amazing series of guest bloggers share their expertise in getting organized, fit, energized, and looking fabulous, and now I'm bringing in the closer!  Here is professional coach Ettie Shapiro to tell us how to incorporate what we've learned into our lives.  ...more