National Adoption Month Brings FREE Gifts for Readers

November is a very special month and some very special people celebrating their adoption experiences by giving away their incredibly good writing.  Three authors have given away their adoption books so far in honor of National Adoption Month and there are two more still to go....more

Some Good Fatherly Advice

As my eleven-year-old, adopted daughter said “Bye Dad!” and hung up the phone before rushing off to the bus stop for school, it occurred to me how close my husband and daughter have become over the years. He travels often for business and every morning he is away, he calls to sing her a little “Good Morning” tune he made up when she was first born....more

Waiting to Adopt: Building a Nest in Tennessee, Part 2

In honor of Mother’s Day, a special two-part guest blog by Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of THE EYE OF ADOPTION: The True Story of my Turbulent Wait for a Baby. Part One: Jody was published last week and Part Two: Tobi follows. Thanks to Jody for her thoughtful contribution....more

Waiting to Adopt: Building a Nest in Tennessee, Part 1

In honor of Mother’s Day, a special two-part guest blog by Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of THE EYE OF ADOPTION: the true story of my turbulent wait for a baby. Part One: Jody will be published this week and Part Two: Tobi will be published next week. Thanks to Jody for her thoughtful contribution....more

The Pain of Infertility Revisited

There are memorable moments in life that strike each of us in a certain way—some are happy moments and others not so much—that may be perceived in a very different way by others, even our closest friends....more

Saying the Words Out Loud

How many of us have lost a significant family member and never been the same since?It’s easy to wonder if we’re the only one who has those persistent feelings of loneliness and irreplaceable loss. Last week I received a call from an acquaintance who had just started to read my adoption memoir and was stunned by her own feelings. She had only read through chapter three, and she was taken aback by the detailed account of my mother’s sudden death and the brutal pain I felt from the loss of that incredibly close relationship....more

All Children Deserve a Family

An interesting side effect of publishing my memoir is the number of people I have encountered who tell me about their own adoptions.  People I have known or worked with for years have connections to adoption that I never knew about. Learning about their experiences is another gift I have received after adopting my own daughter....more

A Dream Come True after a Dream Come True

When I first brought my adopted daughter home to meet her brothers eleven years ago, I thought how incredibly lucky I was and that my life was complete. I had spent years searching for a daughter via medical methods and finally adoption....more

An Adoption Memoir for Others

Eleven years after standing in the delivery room as my beautiful adopted daughter was born and six years after beginning to write my adoption story—my book has been published. The feeling of actually holding a printed book representing the results of hours upon hours of writing, editing, and crying is indescribable....more

Books Can Help Motherless Daughters

As I was preparing to publish the memoir of my adoption journey, I came across a book on my bookshelf by Hope Edelman called Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss.  I recalled starting to read it after I lost my mother to cancer.  Ironically, the book was published the year my mother passed away, 18 years ago. Reading it then, I felt relieved that my emotions weren’t out of the ordinary.  The book validated my emptiness and depression over the loss of my dear mother when I needed her the most....more