Fighting Addiction

There comes a point in time when you have to take a step back and just say no. I don’t mean saying no and not giving a second’s consideration as to whether you actually believe in the word and what it is standing for. It’s not like when you hear a sweet and innocent two year old saying it because it’s one of the few words in their fledgling vocabulary. It’s not a fleeting remark to pass the buck to someone else nor should it be said to procrastinate for another day, week or even year. Believe it when you say it. NOOOOOOO!!!...more
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Christmas - The Rebirth of You

Ahhh Christmas. Dontcha just love it? The excitement, the impending food explosion and the imbibing of mulled wine and baby Guinnesses. At the time of writing this there are only a few short weeks to go and the smell of freshly boiled puddings hangs deliciously in the air here at home. It whets the appetite for the savage gorging which lies ahead. Of all the times in the year, Christmas should be, and in fact is, the one time when you should let loose the shackles of weight-watching and just let rip. ...more