Skipping College & 9 Other Things We Did to Buy a House at 24

We've been planning and preparing for this moment for years. Working hard, saving harder, and the day has finally come. We're able to move out of our third-story, two-bedroom apartment and into a home with enough rooms for each child to have one and a backyard where they can play....more
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Why Teaching Your Kids About Child Abuse Is So Important

When I was growing up, my dad was extremely protective of my sister and me. Some would say he was overprotective, and they would probably be right. My dad wanted to keep us safe and be sure nothing -- or anyone -- ever hurt us. We typically weren't allowed to go on sleep overs or do a lot of "normal" things that other kids enjoy. He thought that he would always be there to help us make safe choices, but he wasn't. My dad died in his sleep when I was 14-years-old....more
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