Today I fell asleep in the closet...

Today I closed the closet door and took a nap. *Photo courtesy of 1000 awesome things website*   Why?  You know why.  If you are a mom of two or maybe more, you know that from the moment the kids wake up, you wake up.  Today was an exceptional day where I felt that no matter how many times I pick up mess, it would always be there.  Like those meme's that say cleaning your house with kids is like eating Oreos while brushing your teeth.  ...more

Oh, you're a stay at home mom?

   The title should explain it all... It all depends on how your outlook is on stay at home moms.  I am a stay at home mom.   I live, breath, and eat being a stay at home mom.  I have been a stay at home mom since we found out that I was pregnant with our daughter Isabella.  So Bells would be child number two.  Our eldest is Isaiah, he is eight and in tiptop shape.  (Ha, he is just skinny, minnie.)  Yes, being a stay at home helps your rhyming capabilities....more

5 Fun ways of saying, "I don't want to have sex tonight."

  I am GUILTY.  Yeah, I said it.  I am guilty of being an assertive wife and I am surprised that my husband has not left me.  I say assertive because mean, bitchy, or annoying sounds too childish.  Believe it or not, this feeling came upon me when I was reading Cosmopolitan the issue with Megan Fox on it.  I usually do not gravitate toward magazines, but if the magazine's cover says, "HOT sex tonight..." I am interested.  ...more

Outfits of the Week!

   As a mom it is really hard to get out of the gym clothes funk.  One of the biggest reasons I love going to the gym is to bring my kids to the children's gym for two hours.  I get "me" time and they get "play" time with other children.  The best days for me to put on a wire bra is when there is an important mission to be done that day.  Important mission include but are not limited to birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, or maybe lunch... Maybe.... Other than that I prefer work out pants.  Heck!...more

Summer time outfit. Nudes.

   Today's weather was absolutely lovely! It was 84 degrees! Yes!! It is still hot, but at least it was not in the triple digits like normal.  To keep cool I love wearing neutral colors, it is wonderful because it is close to just running around in your birthday suit.  The color is just so refreshing and very boho chic....more

My daughter changes every hour...

       I love fashion, clothes, make-up, and shoes! I admit it! Who doesn't? I know that I can be quite a headache for my husband when it comes to closet space.  But that is not the point, we all have our poison... Clothes, shoes, and accessories are mine....more

Being married and getting naked.

Honey? You serious?!

Let's open up with a Blake Shelton song...."You'll be my soft and sweetI'll be your strong and steadyYou'll be my glass of wineI'll be your shot of whiskeyYou'll be my sunny dayI'll be your shade treeYou'll be my honeysuckleI'll be your honey bee..."...more

Frozen here, Frozen there, Frozen everywhere!

Hello again,   I just want to say that the Disney movie Frozen has taken over my life!  Now I know what you are thinking, it has taken over every mom's life.  Maybe, but the funniest thing happened a couple of days ago that gave me a tiny insy winsy panic attack... My sister had asked my daughter Isabella to borrow her Frozen dvd to lend out to her friend.  Of course Bella being the doll she is says, "OKAY!!!"  Slowly but surely I think of my daughters Frozen DVD locked up in a dungeon surround by marshmallow monsters....more

The start of something new..

I agree. Enjoy the heat and rainmore