Pets That Boldly Go

Where humans go, pets go. Birds of the parrot family, when kept as pets, tend to to love it when they can ride on their owner’s shoulders.  Well, that makes sense. It’s like a safe perch in a tree that moves from place to place!...more

The Mystery Ship #PetsInSpace

Soul Kitty for #PetsInSpace

The chance to be part of the Pets in Space Anthology is so exciting. I’m a military vet who has always loved dogs and cats. “Doggie” was one of my first words. “Kitty” soon followed. As soon as I could string together a sentence, I asked for a pet of my own. To appease me, my mom gave me a toy dog on a leash. It had batteries that allowed it to bark and bounce, just like a real live warm and cuddly puppy. Ha. Does this face look fooled to you?...more

Perilous P's Past Pets

 Pets were seamlessly woven into the fabric of my childhood, so much so that I have a hard time sorting out which pet happened when. (It’s an age thing. I’m waiting for that time when the past is closer than the present. Of course, when that happens I might not be able to type anymore.)...more

Death Happens, Too

Sixty-six years of marriage. #togetherforeverI am a really old orphan.I said it out loud and got an interesting look. Up and then down.I know. I’m not Orphan Annie. I’m a mom and a grandma.And an orphan.I saw myself in the mirror this morning as I was getting ready and all the sudden I stopped and really saw me....more

Why Veronica Scott Wrote Trapped in Talonque

  Thanks for having me as your guest again! I really regard coming to visit your blog and discussing “why I wrote” the story as a lucky charm for any new release of mine....more

Those Hot August Nights

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission. In my memory, every night in August was a hot August night....more

Why J.B. Hawker Wrote A Corpse in the Chapel.

Thanks for this opportunity to talk about my book. If there’s one thing an author likes better than writing, it’s talking about what we write....more