Get Creative With Your Child This Summer!

Want to be a happy mama and papa?...more

A Conversation with a Fat Kid: Learning how to discuss childhood obesity with your child

He was a generally loving, roly-poly, 11-year-old. But Robert had a problem. He snacked. And he piled food on his plate. And he took second helpings. If there was candy, Fritos, soda or chips within 100 yards, his radar located them. When people thought of Robert, they automatically described him as: “Robert, that nice, blond, fat kid.” So when this perception seeped in and became a part of Robert’s unconscious identity, he didn’t even realize it. Robert’s parents knew he ate too much but what the heck. They were both overweight, too....more

Resilience Through Adversity: Gaining strength from life's hardships

Last week I attended a conference held by a pharmaceutical company for leaders in the bleeding disorder community. Many of the leaders were parents of a child with a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia or von Willebrand’s. Others had the diseases themselves and all were learning how to "tell their stories" in order to mentor and inspire others living with the disease. These folks came from many different backgrounds including ethnicities, geographical locations, and socio-economic situations....more

Parenting Mistakes: We are only human!

After having an argument with my teenage son this morning, I was kind of feeling like a parenting failure. I lost my cool. Raised my voice. He stomped out the door. Pretty typical parenting story, especially with a teenager in the house! The difference is: I am a parenting educator. I am supposed to know better. And I do! And so I felt like a failure. How can I teach parenting skills including not responding with anger if I can't even do it myself?...more

Be a Contagious Encourager!

 When times are tough or when children face tough times, it’s natural to feel discouraged. However, both encouragement and discouragement are the most contagious of emotions. Effectively showing encouragement will help our children better cope with their health issues. ...more

Successful Transitions: Focusing on Medical Tasks

We have been blogging for several weeks about how to increase the odds of raising children with special medical needs who are responsible, confident, and independent in all areas of life including around self-care issues. Now let's look briefly at the subject of shifting the responsibility of medical tasks....more

Successful Transitions: Harnessing the Power of Example

One of the easiest ways to help children learn responsibility, make good choices about their bodies, and pave the way to a successful transition/transfer is using the power of example. Kids learn far more from the examples we set than from the words and lectures we give them....more

Shares How to Teach Kids Responsibility: The Five Essential E’s! Part 3 of 5: EMPATHY

          This blog is the third in a five-part series about raising responsible children....more

Shares How to Teach Kids Responsibility: The Five Essential E’s! Part 2 of 5

This blog is the second in a five-part series about raising responsible children....more