You Only Live Once

So we are all going to die (way to bum me out Peabody). And if you follow most people’s conventional wisdom this life of ours is a onetime shot. Though if I do come reincarnated I want to come back as a dog who’s owner treats them the way my mom or myself treats their dog ....more

Comfort Zone

Comfort zones. We love them so. We can live in them for a mighty long time…they are after all comfortable ....more

Should Have Thought Of This Sooner

It’s Wednesday and I feel like rambling… First off want to say a big thanks to those who de-lurked in the last post and for those who are sending me your thoughts, I appreciate it so much. I also need to send positive vibes and maybe a hug to the not so nice person who’s comment didn’t get published because they told me I deserved whatever I have because I eat and promote sugar (I don’t promote sugar I promote moderation that includes sugar)…because clearly they need a hug if they felt the need to take time to tell me that. Also maybe not read my blog if you feel so strongly about the evils of sugar ....more

In Sickness and In Health

When MDP decided to become legally bound to me didn’t realize he was going to have to deal with the in sickness and in health part so quickly. Recently I got awarded (sounds more exciting than stuck with) an illness and while it currently isn’t life threatening, it’s not all that great (no not cancer). Some days it affects me more than others ....more

Know Your Boo

If you even remotely like candy corn you will need to make this hot “chocolate” because well…candy corn as hot chocolate. I first got the idea when I saw candy corn hot chocolate on Pinterest, but when I clicked through I was a sad panda. Not because it was a bad link but because while it said it was candy corn hot chocolate what it really just candy corn colored hot chocolate…no candy corn to be found ....more

All In The Framily

You have your friends. You have your family. And then you have your framily ....more

Make These

First off you need to make these Blondies because MDP isn’t even a sweets fan and was ALL about these. He must have said 10 times Dang these are good. Because dang…these are good ....more

Back To School Tips From A Former Teacher

When you teach school about every other year they find a new amazing program that is going to revolutionize the way you teach. After a while you get cynical because it’s usually the same stuff just in a different package and you are forced to learn something that in two years will change again. So cynical that you create Bingo boards for when the workshops come and they say the same key phrases over and over again ....more

I’m Bananas For You

Bananas: One of my favorite foods to set on the counter, forget about, and then panic when I see them browning so I freeze half of them for smoothies (makes them nice and thick) and figure out what to bake with the other half. But I buy them every week, because I love bananas as does everyone in my family. Keep reading for Fluffernutter Banana Bread.. ....more

Spicing Up Tyson Fresh Chicken

When I first started cooking for MDP he made it well known that he was not interested in chicken. He said he was chickened to death by frozen overcooked chicken for quite some time and was over it. When I started to cook for my step-kids they said the same thing, we prefer almost anything to chicken ....more