May Day -- Love Thy Neighbor

Almost 60 and Fine With Getting Older -- A Dozen Reasons Why

It seems I was much more conscious that I was getting older, waaay older, when I turned forty than I did when I turned fifty.  Now, I will sixty in less than two years, and I feel better about myself and my life than I have in a long time.  <strong>Some conclusions I have drawn that feed this positive attitude:</strong>       1.  The spirit becomes stronger as one ages if fed with positivity.       2.  The most severe problems are easier to face and handle; I have experience. ...more

Give Yourself More Credit

Many times, I have felt I fall short, short of the expectations of others, and more importantly, short of my expectations of myself.  This, of course, leads to feelings of guilt and sometimes a sense of worthlessness, neither of which are healthy OR true.   ...more

Hello Patty...what a good mom you are.  Our kids never outgrow their need for us.  ...more

Dealing With Your Fears

  We're all afraid of something:  storms, snakes, fire, illness, job loss, heights, frogs, death.  You name it, and somewhere there is someone who is afraid of it.  The number one ranked fear is the fear of public speaking, even higher-ranked than the fear of death or pain.   ...more

Small Changes Equal Better Health

We're a little more than six weeks into the new year, and many people have already forgotten or dropped their resolutions.  It is a common thing.  We reach hard and fast, like the pace of the world we live in.  Extra time, energy, and money are in short supply for almost everybody.  But what if someone said you could keep some of those resolutions or make new ones that would improve your health with only one minute a day required of you?  Would you believe it? ...more

In The News -- What Is Our World Coming To

I can remember when I was younger wondering why so many folks always asked the question, "What is the world coming to?"  Or, more specifically, "What is wrong with today's kids?" I can also remember being slightly offended by those remarks and wondering what all the fuss was about.  Tonight, though, as I read just a few of one day's news headlines and articles, I find myself wondering the same things.  I am older now.  I know what all the fuss is about, and it is frightening, courageous, to read or listen to the news. A sampling: ...more

Crackers and Paint


Christmas Tree Stories

At this age, one has seen a fair number of Christmas seasons, and Christmas trees.  By now, I have figured out that each tree has a story.  I have eight siblings, so when we were growing up, only the top half of our tree had ornaments.  My parents had given up on keeping anything on the bottom half.  They had also learned, after the first tipped over tree, to put a discreet wire around the trunk about 2/3 of the way up, and nail each end of said wire to the window trim with small brads. ...more

Division Avenue

brick-red nails and lips to match gypsy-color skirts in Egyptian cotton strappy sandals in the dead of winter long dark locks and swaying hips the paunchy men all gawk and wink and think to themselves i'd love a piece of that ...more

Un-tied Laces

        Un-tied Laces I'm drowning in your reign of terror against my private domain You want to own me like a farmer owns livestock Lock me in the stocks of the drudgery role of back in the day when male dominance decayed ...more