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Link Love #46

Another week, another round up of my favorite posts and articles! There were so many this week, it was hard to choose! Haha so I included most of the ones I saved ....more

Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh hey there! Happy October! ...more

Link Love #45

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, I did! Guess what? ...more

The Power of a Positive Mind

We’ve all heard it before: “your thoughts control your life,” “positive thoughts for a positive life,” and so on and so forth. But have you ever...more

Thursday Thoughts

Well hey there! Happy Thursday!!! Time for some more Thursday Thoughts and a look into my week: 1 ....more

When You Dread The Weekend

Wait, what? Dread the weekend? That’s the best part of the week! ...more

Link Love #44

Well hey there! It was a pretty relaxing weekend here in Chicagoland, with some beautiful weather. I got in some walking, plenty of resting, of course some work, and had a fun Sushi-making night at my friend’s house! ...more

Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh look at me! I managed to get Thursday Thoughts up on a THURSDAY this week! ...more

Link Love #43

Hey everyone! A day late, but here we are with this week’s Link Love! I had a great time in Kansas City over the weekend celebrating a wedding with my Kansas City family and friends ....more