Weekday Night Dinners: Chicken Cacciatore

I think I'm getting lazy with weeknight dinners this past week.  They've all been so low-maintenance, it's killing me a tiny, tiny bit. Alternate explanation is that I've been incredibly tired and work has been a raging pile of grr, but that would be rational.  We don't do that here. ...more

Arroz con Pollo So Good That You'll Fight Over the Leftovers

I am not a Wednesday person. I used to love Wednesdays. Wednesdays meant the week was halfway over, Friday was on the horizon, and the weekend was looming right after that. Now, Wednesdays mean I have to work late, which means cooking is always a tight squeeze. Grump grump. Image: Courtesy of Peaches and Praline ...more
@peachesandpraline Thank you for the link! Defrosting chicken as we speak...er...write...more

Weekday Night Dinners: Lemon(y) Chicken

I so, so badly wanted to make a Lemony Snicket joke, but I couldn't think of a way to mesh the words "Snicket" and "chicken" seamlessly enough.  So many regrets. Know what I don't have any regrets over, though?  This chicken.  This delicious, very pro-spring chicken. (See, that's sort of a half pun.  I'll take it.) ...more

Mint Oreo Brownies with Thomas Keller!

Happy St Patrick's Day! ..if you're in Hartford.  I don't get this at all, but my lovely state is having all of our St Pat's parades this weekend-- even though St Pat's is, you know. On a weekend. Stay perfect, Connecticut. Since next weekend is going to get overloaded with the food apocalypse that is St Patrick's Day aka overloaded with starch and starring the word "boiled", I'm getting a jump and starting with the tasty things a week early. Planning!  Or something.  Here, I'll distract you with mint Oreo brownies. ...more