Coffee Date + Overnight Oats

Hello! Today is the first day of fall and I think Charlotte got the memo. As I drove to Pure Barre this morning, it was 58 degrees which may not sound that cold, but it felt quite chilly to this Florida girl! ...more

Moving: Tips and Tricks

This blog post is a reader request proposed by the adorable ER nurse and awesome blogger Electra! I hope it helps anyone out there who may be in the process of moving. I would also love to hear your tips and tricks for making moving a little easier in the comments section, so please feel free to weigh in! ...more

Travel Fail

Good morning!! How are you guys doing today? I hope you had a great weekend! ...more

Things I’m Loving Friday #51

Hi!! It’s Friday which means there’s an excited buzz in the air that I just adore. Ryan and I have a date night on the agenda for tonight and, aside from that, the ridiculously simple thing I’m looking forward to early this evening is a haircut ....more

Best Sports Bras for Small Chests

This afternoon I thought we’d chat about sports bras! Is it just me, or are sports bras getting cuter and cuter these days? I am loving all the strappy versions popping up all over the place and even though the vast majority of my sports bras have the traditional racerback look, I’ve found myself gravitating toward some new looks ....more

Top Hotels in the World

Today’s Pure Barre workout incorporated something new to me! (Photo Source – And if you think my leg is anywhere close to as straight or high as the women in the above photo, you are very, very wrong.) This crazy band changed things up a bit and allowed us to engage our arms and core even more than usual throughout the class. Sometimes the core work we do at the end of Pure Barre can get a little redundant, so using this band was a nice change of pace ....more

Three-Minute Egg White Oatmeal

If you have five minutes in the morning, you have enough time to make yourself a bowl of fluffy, filling and oh-so-tasty banana egg white oatmeal. I had plans to make this recipe today, photograph it and then place it in the fridge to eat for breakfast tomorrow. Well, that plan lasted all of five seconds ....more

Build Up Your Blog with The Fitnessista

Good morning, my friends! I hope your day is off to a good start! My alarm went off nice and early today since I wanted to make it to the 6 a.m. Pure Barre class ....more

Free Feeder

Hello, hello! How’s it going? Today is trucking along smoothly over here ....more

Pure Barre Obsession Continues

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I am feeling a little more like myself today after a rather sleepy and slow recovery from the weekend. I took the weekend off from working out but did manage to make it to a BodyPump class on Friday which was glorious! ...more