Soulless Creatures: Why You’ll Love the Latest by Katharine Grubb

When author Katharine Grubb included me in an email asking me to review...more

Great Kids Books: Barnyard Bliss and Miraculous Me

If you’re looking for great kids books, here are two you should definitely consider! I’ve never been that good at reading to my kids. I know, I know ....more

Kissing Jesus, Meeting Saints, and Who Knew? Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle and The Kiss of Jesus

I had been writing Catholic articles whenever I could fit them into my schedule. After careful reflection and prayer, I decided to retire from my preschool program and to devote myself to full-time writing. Mother Teresa and Father Hardon had encouraged me to continue writing ....more

Silver and Gold: Lasting Friendships and ‘True Radiance’

Many months ago, a dear friend asked me to read an advance copy of her book. I was excited, because the dear friend was none other than the lovely and talented Lisa Mladinich, founder of Amazing Catechists, among many other things to her credit. When I got the book, I was a little taken aback ....more

Nancy Ward and “Sharing YOUR Faith Story”

I know I’m not the only one who hears about “the call to evangelize the world” with something akin to dread, horror, and fear. Because you know what? I have my hands full already ....more

What’s your favorite part of Mass?

My second daughter’s 2nd grade catechist has a habit of sending home little pieces of paper with questions on them. The questions are designed to get my daughter talking about the Mass as she prepares for First Communion. Last week, the question was one that got our whole family talking: What’s your favorite part of Mass? ...more

Your Chance to Win the Cover Art of Word by Word!

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Hail Mary Hacks in 7 Quick Takes

I have a friend who admits to struggling with the Hail Mary. In fact, I hesitated to give her a copy of...more

Writing the Kind of Book You Want to Read

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Carolyn Astfalk with a guest post as part of her new book’s online tour through the blogosphere. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I can’t imagine a better book to be promoting this way. Carolyn asked me to read an early copy of her novel,...more

7 Reasons I’m Still Blogging (Happy 7 Quick Takes Anniversary!)

Seven years ago, Jen Fulwiler (whose blog was then named Conversion Diary) started this weekly post where she shared what she called “7 Quick Takes.” It lit up and took off, because hey! Who can’t think of seven random things? (Or, in the case of those of us with organizational compulsions, seven themed things.) Over the years, SQT, as it’s been dubbed by the Cool Kids, has moved over to Kelly Mantoan’s blog, This Ain’t the Lyceum ....more