So, What’s Your Goal?

I have successfully avoided this question for years in this space. Goal? Blogging is my...more

How to Avoid Our Kids Drowning in a Sea of Compliments

Today, it’s an honor to host author Nicole Lataif for some thoughts on over-complimenting our kids. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it quite like this (and I’m still processing some of the things Nicole suggests). What do you think? ...more

St. Nicholas of Tolentino, pray for us!

On the afternoon of September 10, a friend of our family went to the hospital for some bleeding she was having. A bit of background: she was pregnant with twins, 26.5 weeks pregnant, to be exact. Yesterday, I found out that the twins were born ....more

No Apologies (but some links)

I always hate it when I look up and a bunch of time has passed and I haven’t blogged. It’s just not a good habit to keep. Then again, this blogging thing is supposed to be FUN ....more

Pausing to Smile #SmallSuccess

Sometimes I feel like this weekly Small Success thing is almost a celebration of the mediocre. And then I have a day where I have a pounding headache, about 500 million loads of laundry, and a little coughing guy who asks me to “nuggle” with him while I tap away on my laptop. Suddenly, getting the laundry put away and making sure I can find underwear for everyone is something worth celebrating ....more

The Pitter Patter of Many Cuts #LawnChairCatechism

Sometimes, people who know me pretty well are amused to be reminded (or to find out for the first time) that, in my undergrad years, I minored in Production Agriculture. This means that I took, among other classes, Small Engines, Welding, and Concrete. (I think that last class had a couple of components, but what stands out to me, 15 years later, is the concrete-making section of it.) In high school, I took shop classes...more

Introducing Reinhard #4

I mean, yeah, there’s social media. But isn’t the whole reason for a blog that you can announce fun great news like this to the whole world? Yes, I thought you’d agree ....more

Cutting My Teeth (again) as a Boy Mom #SmallSuccess

I consider myself pretty much a rookie at this boy mom business. And this week, that mancub o’ mine is the inspiration for my small successes. 1....more

Summer Reading: The Rosie Project

Oh. My. Word ....more