Breastfeeding Videos

With the world in controversy over breastfeeding, I have decided to lighten things up and compiled a list of breastfeeding videos. Check them out at C ...more


Mars Hoax

If you have heard that Mars is closer to earth this year than it has been in thousands of years, you may be surprised to find that this is NOT TRUE. It started out as an email that escalated out of control. ...more

Hey there,

I read the article...its ok but doesnt really justify whether its true or not...i ...more

Wordpress Themes.. I want a cool one :(

Me and my husband have just recently launched our joint blog PruittsWeb . We love Wordpress and all, but we would like something a little more funky and personal. ...more

You can find a lot of Wordpress themes here: more

Family Blogging Ideas

So, me and my husband have finally decided to begin a family blog together. After we hash out which template we want (which will be an interesting ordeal), we will hopefully start out running. I would really like some ideas though. I think we will be using wordpress. I have been searching the Mom & Family Blogs, but I am having a hard time finding Family ones, that are co-authored by mom and dad, or something along those lines. If you know of such blogs, or have any ideas to give me, ...more