Mission Impossible: Establishing a bedtime reading routine

I love reading to my children: especially at night.  After they have had their funny five minutes of jumping on the bed or fighting with their sibling, I quietly tuck them in and wait patiently for the ceremonious silence to wash over the crowded room like a tumultuous wave. I am fully aware of my audience’s eagerness.  Before the book, which sits firmly in the clasp of my warm hands, is cracked open, I am irrefutably conscious of the undivided attention placed on me....more
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Encouraging Boys to Become Better Readers

Interestingly, the outcome -- as it relates to reading ability -- is not. While all three children love books and love being read to, there is a marked difference in my son’s ability to read when compared to my two daughters. Theoretically, reading to children makes them better readers. That is what all of the papers and studies (mine included) will tell you. I trained in education (specializing in reading) at the graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level. Reading is my forte and a lot of it goes on in my home....more
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Ten things I learned from Pippi Longstocking

Ten things I learned from Pippi Longstock...more
Yes Victoria, Pippi is alive and well and you can find her in your local bookshop:)more

Identifying your child's reading level

No two readers are the same.  The way the mind processes information is unique. It formulates imagery through what we already know or have unconsciously stored in the memory bank.  As I have said in my previous post - Encouraging Reading - nurturing a love for reading is far more important than reading itself.  To this end, it is very important to identify and accept your child’s reading level....more

Encouraging Reading

Teaching a child to read is not as difficult as teaching a child to love reading.  The two do not go hand in hand....more
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An ode to Charlotte's Web

One of the best things about being a mother is that life affords you the opportunity of rediscovering youth.  To that end, I have for some time now, been rereading (and thoroughly enjoying) some of the greatest books ever written. ...more

The Elementary School Dilemna: How much homework is too much?

I can't blame my children for not always wanting to do their homework.  Growing up is hard work.  The intensity with which they play, climb, run, bike, interact and think can be overwhelming and what parent has not been privy to the meltdown effects of over-tiredness?...more

Failure is good

Since when did letting your child fail become a direct reflection of your ability to parent well?Failure is good.  Not in the Gordon Gekko kind of way but it is a lesson not to be taken lightly.  As a highly organized mum of four who stays on top of her children's academic and extra-curricular activities, I sometimes have to remind myself that there are benefits to failure.  I would even go so far as to say that at times I welcome failure. ...more

Social Networking For Children – The end is nigh…

Who of us out there can remember a time when we didn’t have computers? A time when if we wanted to make a new friend or play with someone, we could bike down to the park and find one.  We weren’t always accompanied by our parents but we knew not to be home too late and that meant home for dinner. We were taught never to speak to strangers, never to accept a ride from anyone and never, ever under any circumstances wander off with anyone we didn’t know....more