25 Ways You Know You’re a Working Mom

You’ve already been up 4 hours by the time you pull into work in the morning.The first thing anyone says to you when you walk into the office is, “Did you know you have something on your clothes?” The answer is always no.You know that the locked utility closet in the darkest, weirdest smelling, most remote corner of the office is not actually for storage, but the place where women lock themselves in a windowless room and pump breast milk in shame privacy multiple times a day.You don’t go out to lunch with an...more

What I want for Mother's Day

The last few days, it seems like everywhere I look, I'm being hit with another Mother's Day gift guide. Jewelry, bags, sunglasses, a day at the spa... This year for Mother's Day, though, I want something else.I'd like an end to the judgment of mothers. Let's throw out the neverending litany of dos and don'ts of parenthood, the patronizing and unasked for advice from strangers, the nasty looks in the supermarket and restaurants and parks....more

Giving birth after a c-section

Every so often, my husband and I discuss the possibility of baby #2. We’re not planning on having another any time soon, but it’s nice to at least have a general idea of what needs to happen before baby #2 can happen. (#1 on my list is making sure the kid we already have is potty trained, and we’re 6 months out from even attempting that.)...more

Being a Working Mother Is Rather Traditional

You hear it all the time. Mothers are meant to be home with their children. Mothers aren't supposed to leave their babies with someone else and spend all day out in the workforce. Traditionally, women stay home and raise kids. This is often accompanied by some adage about indigenous cultures in the Global South (usually inaccurate and always offensive) or how prehistoric moms raised their cave babies, never leaving their children's sides until they died or reached adulthood. Except today's stay-at-home motherhood isn't anything like traditional motherhood, and most cave moms did work outside their caves....more
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1st Birthday Parties in the Age of Pinterest

A couple of months ago, when I realized that Isla’s 1st birthday was close enough I should probably start thinking about, I went to the modern mom’s go-to spot for birthday party ideas: Pinterest. ...more
I totally agree! I have friends who love party planning/crafting, but it's just not me. I bought ...more

Bringing home baby...and everyone you've ever met.

The closer it gets to my due date, the more and more this subject seems to be coming up. With ladies in my due date buddy forum, with people in my infant care class, with family and friends. From the moment you go into labor, until the moment the “new” wears off your newborn, it seems like everyone around you wants to clamor for a piece of the new baby action. Family and friends want to be in the room for labor, and some even for delivery....more

Stop Asking How I'm Feeling -- or Give Me a Nickel

If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked me, since I announced my pregnancy, "How are you feeling?" my unborn child would have a pretty sizable start to her college fund already. Unfortunately, you don't get nickels when people ask you uncomfortable questions. You just get a whole lot of awkward....more
I felt that way too during my pregnancy... That questioning, coupled with people patronizing me, ...more