Alzheimer’s May Take My Grandmother’s Mind, But It Will Never Take Her Spirit.

One of my favorite memories growing up was when I was five and had the Chicken Pox.  You’d think it would be a time I wouldn’t look back on fondly.  I mean, who actually reminisces about itchy blisters? It wasn’t the pox that I liked, but it was sitting in our sun room for five itchy days wearing oven mitts with my grandmother, Nini, as she taught me all about birds.  ...more

My grandmother taught me so much and she is at the end stages of alzheimer's. Your story is so ...more

Sowing the Seeds of Tolerance

I hear it all the time in the classroom: You are such a fag or, I can’t believe she expects us to actually draw in art class. This is as gay as [insert name here].I’m not sure when these terms became the popular way to put others down, because I know they weren’t when I was in high school thirteen years ago. It’s like they have slipped quietly into the day-to-day language of the average teenager, permeating the folds of conversation like a well worn shirt.The term gay isn’t bad when used correctly. I have friends who are gay that would describe themselves as such....more

The Disney Princesses: What are these ladies teaching my daughter?

Harper and I were reading books tonight before bedtime.  We snuggled under her pink puffy comforter, her footie pajama feet overlapped mine; she shared an audience with the pack of stuffed animals that are slowly taking over her bed.  I was reading from her weathered storybook of Disney Princesses.  Each creased page showing signs of love.  We were reading the story of Sleeping Beauty for the 3,498,302 time when she stopped me mid sentence.  “Mommy, I want to be just like Sleeping Beauty.” Confused, I thought to myself, “Huh?!&nbs...more

Clothing is not optional.

Just thinking about the day I have to get my daughter a cell phone makes the sweat start to bead on my neck and my breath get short.  Technology scares the parental optimism right out of me.  The possibilities that come with a cell phone and the Internet, while beneficial on many levels, also present certain avenues I hope she’ll never explore.  Avenues, that as a parent, make me want to either lock her in her room until she is twenty, or homeschool her until she’s married with kids of her own. As both a high school teacher and a parent, I have the unique opportunity ...more

Wait, What's My Name Again?

As I was walking into school this morning, a fellow faculty member asked how long my drive was.  She was shocked to hear it was forty minutes, and she asked me how I could stand to be in the car so long.  I responded with excitement, “So long? SO LONG?  I love my drive!  It’s the only time that I’m ever alone anymore!” ...more

People say the same thing to me about my 30 minute commute. I love it. It's my time to blast my ...more