It's well past time to know better.

You would have to either be exceptionally fortunate or this is your first day using any sort of media to have failed to hear the R word.I only really began hearing/reading this word a few years ago, it wasn't used that much when I was younger. That could well be because we used different words in the UK, for instance you wouldn't get far using the H word either unless you were discussing golf or polo. That just isn't a word we use to describe people with any sort of disability, not unless we want to show our own ignorance....more

Child has a friend - NO.

In order to access respite care we have to go through Social Services. That means visits and assessments and lots of intrusive questions. The sort of questions they ask parents who are suspected of not being all the could be in the parent department....more

It's a miracle, I didn't know I HAD muscles there!

I have managed, with a skill previously unknown, to pull a muscle. In my bottom. Yes it twinges when I walk but every twinge is proof of the miraculous.I didn't know I HAD a muscle in my butt cheeks. (Yeah, nice topic for general discussion there, I'm a classy woman.)I know we're SUPPOSED to have muscles there. I know I USED to have muscles there, actually anywhere. I just didn't know I STILL had muscles. It is truly a modern miracle....more

A rare night out, now let me sleep.

Last night was respite night. If you read yesterday's post you'll know I was torn, as always. I look forward to the break, we all do. We look forward to the chance to has a day when we know 12 is being well-cared for and having fun so that we can relax and do something for ourselves. At the same time we worry about her. Will she be okay afterwards? Will she sleep well or won't she and then she'll start fitting?So far so good for the day after.  Read more ... ...more

Who said there was no rest for the wicked?

Today is respite day.I've got to time the preparation just so. Once 12 sees her overnight bag she knows what is going to happen. It's all about preparation.Know where the clothes are I want her to wear to go and the ones I want for her for tomorrow and the change of clothes for the inevitable spill. Make sure there is at least one set of pyjamas that is actually a set, not just a top from one and bottoms from another. Know where all the paired socks are?...more

Having a disabled child and what you learn.

When I was little I was afraid of having children. Not about the indignities of pregnancy or the pains of labour. My mother didn't believe in children knowing about any of that carry-on. What worried me was that I would have a mentally disabled child and I wouldn't be able to cope.This idea kept with me for years, always there in the back of my mind. Don't have kids, you're kid will be disabled and you won't cope....more

f you loved that you're going to lose it completely over this.

Today we're battling the elements, more specifically the element of it's really windy and blowing over all the emptied bins and recycling receptacles. What's extra fun about that is chasing them across the road before someone drives over or in to one of them and comes around here blaming me. Now I can look out at the completely vanished view and know that none of the pails blowing up and down the street are mine. I'm on top of the game here, people....more

I have been a very nighty girl.

My mummy scolded me.I know she scolded me because I could hear her smiling down the telephone and we all know that smile. It's right up there with the rictus grin of, you'll pay for this when you get home.My crime is lack of 'phoning....more

I won't be stroked in to submission ... often.

12 can be a worm when it comes to her dad. She thinks she can get the better of him. She can. Things aren't quite so plain-sailing with me. I've been home more with her, I'm wise to her ways....more