Considered auspicious in many traditions, the number eight symbolizes luck, divinity and renewal.  So on this day I find myself thinking of the pending '08 election and the real possibility of Senator Barack Obama becoming President Obama, heralding a fresh beginning for our country, and indeed the world.  The America reviled by many across the globe could be seen in a new, progressive light. ...more

Ephemeral Faerie

 This post is from my wordpress blog May 2008   Ms. Tisha, the Chocolate Angel, lovingly hand-made by Adrienne McDonald, bears a serene countenance upon her embroidered face; her raw wool hair, muslin skin, lace apron and cotton dress all stained with coffee, the artist's favorite dyestuff. Even the gloss on the buttons festooning the quilted wings is tempered by a coffee dousing. On May 2, 29 days after Adrienne posted this image to her Etsy site with the headline, Art Angel, she became one. ...more

Mi Amiga Querida

This post is from my wordpress blog March 2008 For much of my life I've enjoyed the dance of absolute love and staggering indifference that comes with the territory of cat ownership. Perhaps I should say feline companionship, as one never owns a cat. ...more

What a Difference a Decade Makes

 This post first appeared on my wordpress blog in January 2008:   Ten years ago, "Run Jesse, Run," notwithstanding I wouldn't have imagined a black man (and one not much older than am I) would be a serious contender for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Ten years ago today I didn't know what a blog was and Apple was still months away from making our heads explode in a sea of "Bondi blue" with the introduction of the revolutionary iMac when mine actually did. ...more