Do you ever have days or moments where you feel you are trying so hard, but accomplishing nothing? My whole last week was like that. Working so hard, but coming up short every time. Nothing seemed to go my way. Every moment of every day was a battle.It's trying, and it tends to wear a person down. But what can you do? Nothing....more

Find Your Way

Sometimes you are forced to do things in a way that you don't prefer, and sometimes, as a result, you discover something great.   It took me until at least my late twenties to learn that my way is not the only way. Not only is it not the only way, it's often not the best way. This was a humbling lesson for me. It didn't happen overnight, nor can I trace it back to one specific event....more

Be Here Now

Be here now, no other place to be Or just sit there dreaming of how life would be If we were somewhere better Somewhere far away from all worries Well, here we a...more

The Big Picture

This morning I was out running, ruminating on all the worries in my life. I was too much in my own head. Dwelling on things that I can't change, or things that really don't matter.   So, there I was, nunning along with a head full of generally negative thoughts. I wasn't even particularly enjoying the run. It was bitter cold and I was struggling with the brisk wind. And then - a rustle in the shrubs on the side of the road....more

Spring Peepers

Last night the spring peepers were out peeping in all their glory. It had been a warm, humid day and conditions were perfect for them. I thought about getting outside to try to record them singing, but I was tired and busy. etc, etc. You know how it goes.So I didn't.This morning it is cold again, and there are tiny little flakes of snow flying through the air....more
Carpe Diem, baby, carpe diem! Great post!more

Baby Steps

  I like gardening, but I don't consider myself a gardener...yet....more

What to do When Your Kid Poops the Tub

Alternate Title - I Don't Remember Buying Any Lincoln Logs...waaait a minute...   Step 1 - Do not panic. This will be your natural inclination because you just saw a giant log of poo float past your kid and last you checked, you still resided in the first world. Plus, totally losing it will probably instill a lifelong fear of pooping in your child. That's just bad news for everyone....more
LOL. True dat!more

Bread and Butter Indian

When I was in grade 3, there was a book in our school's library that I read compulsively. I tried reading other books, and did, but always found myself coming back to the old, worn and familiar, Bread and Butter Indian....more

It's a Mad, Mad World

It's shaping up to be another absolutely gorgeous early spring day here on Maple Lake.  The birds are singing, the sun is burning off the mist over the lake, and the breezes are fresh and warm. Let me put this in perspective for you.  Normal highs this time of year are 3C.  Today's high is forecasted to be 17C.  Madness! ...more
It is a mad, mad world for sure. Pretty pictures!more

All Signs Point to Spring

I know that I have been spared this winter.  Wintry weather came on late, serious snow and cold snaps were few and far between.  There were strings of absolutely gorgeous days.  I fell in love with winter.   ...more