Learning to Think

It's embarrassing to admit but I didn't know, that I didn't know, how to think for myself until I was in my forties. ...more

My mom raised my sisters and myself to think for ourselves in terms of religion, she wasn't ...more

Looking for a mentor.

I'm new to blogging and blogher.com. Denise has been great, talking me through even the simplest tasks. Thanks again, Denise! I've also started a blog on blogger.com a few weeks ago and I'm having a hard time understanding the technecal stuff. Things like backtracks, backlinks, feed reader, feed burner and so on. I've even bought the book "Google Blogger for Dummies", it's helped but there's so much I don't understand. My biggest fear is, because of my ignorence, I'll find my blog listed on a porn or terrorists site! ...more

Denise had some great suggestions for you. Joining the It's a Little Technical group is a good ...more

Parental Update

I talked to my sister last night, to see how things were going since I left. Unfortunatly, my parents are now sharing a room in the nursing home. The only plus is they're together. After 62 years of marriage that's what is most important to them. ...more

I'm back.

I've been away from blogher for 2 1/2 weeks caring for my mom & dad. It was quite the experience. ...more

Denise has a point - I appreciate your need to vent but the larger question looms - what ...more

Why I became an Atheist. Part2

The next part of my decision, to become an Atheist, isn't easy to put into words. It was a slow process. My daughter has a degree in anthropoogy and religion. She and I talked many times about other choices for me. She was aware that my thoughts towards Christainity had become quite hostile.  With her guidance, I continued my search. There had to be something for me to believe in. ...more

Why I became an Atheist. Part 1

First a little history. I grew up in a typical mid-western family-dad, mom and 2 sisters. My mother's family are Baptist. My mom, sisters and I attended sunday school every week but didn't stay for church services. My father was not a Baptist, he wanted his family home on Sundays. Even as a child I never felt comfortable in religious settings. Was it because I was looked down on for my father being a sinner or because at a young age I already knew better? ...more


No you haven't missed Part 2.  I'm planning to publish it early next ...more

The Everyday Atheists

Blog Discription:  The purpose of my blog is to provide non-believers a safe place to express themselves. I'll discuss, what I feel are, inconsistancies in believer's line of thinking. Plus, compare the similarites between the christain story and other world religions. This blog is not for endless debating of sceince vs. religion. ...more

Starting a new blog.

Wow, I was excited to see you have a catogery for atheists. Wow, I was so dissappointed that no one had blogged on it yet. I'm cluless on how to get this started. But I hope some others join! I'm brand new to blogging, so if I make any mistakes, out of ignorance, please forgive me and educate me on blooging. I need time to decide what I want to post about atheism. Maybe I should start with how I  "became" an atheist. Be back soon! ...more