Jesus Way Over Priced

   Today I went to our friends Jeff and LaLita (Jeff Mom's funereal). Of course it seem someone is trying to sell you the entire thing that Jesus died on the cross for you sin.When I say I'm in to the Earth Base faith. So many time they want to know about my ethics and morals.Believe me, I have morals and ethics. Not trying to put my self on a petals, Sometime I think I have more ethics and some Christians. ...more

Some Time Someone Needs A Little Help Up

I heard the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is up. Those who are low income usual gets a box of food which includes a Turkey.Today after Carrie's test at our local hospital. We drove up to our local food bank and got her box, which was put together by the SALVATION ARMY . I believe the closes Salvation army is out of Courd A' Lene.They got a 13 pound Turkey with all the trimmings....more

Look At Time

I was doing a little bit of Genealogy on the Muench name. My Mothers mothers side. German Catholics. To my figuring he and his family came over to United States about the 1880's....more

Wondering How Long

Wind howl and blew like crazy yesterday. The power was on and off. Actual came down to it. It was on more than off. The wind storm was mostly to the south of us.The only damage we had was one corner of garden fence....more

I Should Have Answer

    I usual try to be open minded on the world happen around me. Usual Idaho politics and ways of thinking toward others, I cross paths a few times As you know there plenty of Syria's refugees, that needs help.Living in a real world I don't care how careful one is. Some will fall though the cracks of a system. There will be ones who should of got in and don't. Then there is the ones who will get in and shouldn't of....more

Oh Well. I Can't Say I Care

I been taking part in Na Bl Po Mo, National Blog Posting Month. Do a blog post for the entire month of November.Well I fell short. But sure not going to loose any sleep over it. More important things I can loose sleep over.Found a some interesting blogs this last week.WALKING IN MY DESTINYMARQUESSA MATTHEWSMS JKRISTINA...more

People, Some Of Them I Wonder About

        I gave Murphette a dead line she need to be out of here by and her mail not coming to my address. Which is Tuesday the 24th.I let her plug in from my shop/garage a few days during the week. So in hope she can take care of her business. Not watching movies and playing games on her computerWhich I'm doubting she even trying. One of those people who drags things out to last dog is hung.Came home from work and saw her plug in. I said "what the fuck is Murphette doing here"....more

Maybe Some Day I Will Figure Out What I Want To Be

I was watching a show on television and telling you need to be happy in your job. I can't honestly say I haven't always been happy with my jobs. Confession time...I been right down miserable on some jobs. Even drove home in tears. Actual it was so bad I even self medicated my self.It was simple I had to pay rent or something.Pick a career that you will be happy. Statement about making a living and paying the bills....more

Some Time: Time Get Miss Placed.


Please Don't Laugh At Us Humans

Please Don't Laugh At Us Humans Mange to get a small walk in today, before I went to work. Most of our trees have pretty much lost there leaves....more