Stepping Back

I've spent much of my children's lives trying to help them to get it right, helping them to remember PE kit, homework, lunch, chivying them along into coats, bed, baths, school. Sometimes it felt like my day, (especially school mornings), were a constant playing loop of my own voice, a tirade of, 'have you', 'you need to' and 'don't forget', and to be honest I was getting fed up of listening to myself. I'd turned into number one nagging mum, not a role I aspired to or wanted, and I suspect I was getting on my kids nerves....more

Secret Shopping

I took my daughter out to do some Christmas shopping last weekend, I obligingly waited outside shops, sat in the car or looked the other way, not wanting to spoil the surprises she was buying for me, unfortunately she hasn't quite got the hang of how to keep secrets...'Mum, are your hands the same size as mine'?'Mum, which do you like best, dairy milk or caramel'?'Mum, do you need a new notebook'?...and so on.........I shall of course feign delighted surprise on Christmas day!...more

Be Childish!

My regular readers know that Doctor Who is the background noise to much of my life, thanks to my 11 year old son who is a devoted Whovian, complete with fez and bow tie, and if I'm honest I've grown to quite enjoy it myself, especially the cuddles I get from my son while we sit and watch it....more

Balloons in the Dark

I grew up in what seemed to be a perfect family, but we were a family with a bizarre normality. We were a family who had custard for tea and balloons on a Wednesday. Where the washing up liquid could be found in the fridge and tins of cat food would be cooking in a pan. Where the fire was lit in the summer but forgot about when it snowed. Where we were allowed to jump on the beds but not allowed toys downstairs. Where there was a choice of sugar or ketchup sandwiches for tea and cupboards we daren't look in where secrets were hid. Where mugs didn't hold coffee or glasses lemonade....more

Introvert & Proud

I am an introvert and proud.It wouldn't surprise me if you were too, introverts are drawn to reading and writing as ways of communication and perhaps there's no better way of doing that than through cyber space and blogging, which allows communication with the bonus of anonymity....more

Anger,conflict and calm

It's a fact that life is full of conflict in one form or another, in our relationships, in our jobs, as parents and in everyday life. It's rare for a week or even a day to go by without us being  provoked into action by a seemingly unfair provocation, when you have to stand up and say, 'hear me, (please)'. Sometimes it's simply easier to ignore problems, I've got a whole book of them, things that really aren't worth the fight, things that may annoy you but just aren't worth expending any more emotional energy on....more

An unexpected present

I sent my daughter to the corner shop yesterday to buy a pint of  milk, I was pleasantly surprised when she returned 5 minutes later and gave me a chocolate bar.'Mum, I bought you a present', she said, 'because I know you like these'.I was touched that she had thought of me, 'here's your change mum', she said, 'it was £1.52'.'Did they only have big milks', I asked.'No, mum, I got a little milk, but it was £1.52 because I bought you your chocolate'.She had bought me a bar of chocolate, but I'd paid for it!BUT at least the thought was there!...more

Doing things we don't like

I'm taking my kids to the indoor skate park today. They need to burn off some steam, skate off their energy, sheltered from the usual British rain and snappy November, but perhaps most importantly they need to be around other kids, mixing with their peers, and they need to have some un-adulterated fun....more

Expect Success

I'll always remember reading those words 'expect success' on a poster at the children's centre. It felt like a violent contradiction to what I'd just heard. My son was aged 7, he was pretty much non-verbal, he didn't sleep, he was still toilet training, he was challenging, and our paediatrician had just told me that I needed to be realistic about the expectations I had of him, as I refused yet again the offer of multiple 'magic' medication, medications that would help him sleep, improve his continence, calm his moods....more

An unusual emotion

I am by nature a calm person. Now don't get me wrong I don't glide through life like a sugary Disney Character, singing with the birds, (worrying image..), but I do have an ability to keep life in perspective, sure things happen that make me annoyed and people wind me up, but generally I shake it off, shake off the nuisances of life and recognize them for what they are; inconveniences....more