What's your opinion on Burberry Brit Sheer?

It was first on the scene in 2007, but Burberry Brit Sheet fragrance is still on the market now.  Check out my review at http://scentsnscentsibility.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think of the fragrance yourself!!The Sheerness of Burberry Brit...more

Limited Edition Valentine's Day scent from L'Occitane: Cherry Princess

don't forget to visit http://scentsnscentsibility.blogspot.com/ for the latest product and fragrance scent reviews!I'll keep this one short and sweet because there isn't much time left to choose your scent before the love-infested holiday that is Valentine's Day....more

Bath & Body Works Gets Dressed Up in Pink Chiffon

I just got my hands on BBW's latest scent!  Check out my full, scent-acular review at:Scents n Scentsibility ...more

Latest Perfume Launch from Chanel - Jersey

I have obviously been watching too much Jersey Shore and been overly concerned about the horrible fact that Snooki (from Jersey Shore) is supposedly launching a fragrance.  This is my defense, anyway, as to why my eyeballs popped out of my head when I saw that Chanel's new addition to their Les Exclusifs fragrance collection was ... Jersey.  I thought, no ... no!  Chanel can't be associating itself with Jersey Shore ?!...more

A Trip to Neiman Marcus for Prada and Givenchy

To smell, that is....more

What a treat - artisan soaps all the way from France!

The other day I had the treat of getting in contact with a Welsh woman who is a certified aromatherapist.  It turns out that she has been creating her own natural products for the past 25 years and, after relocating to France, she has now opened up her own shop selling her natural homemade soaps and cosmetics.  The shop is in Bergerac, France (looks like a picturesque little village!) and it's online, too!...more

Prada Candy - As enticing and intriguing as it looks?

I've just learned of the new fragrance launching this month from Prada - Prada Candy.The packaging is pink and orange and from the name almost immediately you can infer that it is going to be a sweet, possibly sickeningly sweet, fragrance.  But, after watching the commercial I am more than intrigued.  Maybe this will be a more dynamic fragrance than first supposed.  Could it possibly even have a seductive, oriental twist to it?...more