Candy Crack

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And I thought my mouth filter sucked

I openly admit that I often don't have the best mouth filter. It's not that I say anything particularly bad or offensive, I just have a tendency to panic in certain social situations. I worry about saying something incredibly idiotic. Oddly enough, the more I worry, the more likely I am to spew some stupid verbal diarrhea that is 10 times more embarrassing than whatever I would've said in the first place. ...more

Delivering news in person isn't always preferred

Why is it that people always feel the need to tell you important news in person? Furthermore, why is it considered the polite thing to do? In most cases there's nothing wrong with inviting people over to tell them you're getting married or sitting down with your parents to announce a pregnancy -- and in most circumstances I get why it's preferred. You want to be there to see the reactions on their face and share in the excitement. But it's not always the best way to go about things. Especially when you're dealing with announcing a pregnancy to a couple that struggles with infertility. ...more

Running and Dying

This Saturday, after four months of training, I completed my goal* 5K at Run or Dye Tri-Cities. ...more

As Long As I'm Not Picked Last

I've never been what you'd consider an "athletic" person. It wasn't so much I was lazy, I just had a petrifying fear of being picked last for the team. And, in all honesty, my fears weren't completely unjustified considering kids are total fuckwads and would pick me last. Then I'd cry, further sealing my fate of loserdome, as not only the kid who gets picked last, but cries about it. Uh, no. I saw the writing on that wall and would've rather given up my 90210 Brenda doll for a month than participate in Little League anything. ...more
This post is 80 kinds of awesome. Congrats on making the decision to run.   See how you feel ...more

Creamsicle Cupcakes Recipe

I’ve been on a cupcake thing lately. I mean, sure, I could do something useful with my time, but I’d much rather combine sugar and butter into delicious things that make Bob Harper cry. (Note: I actually do eat cupcakes while watching The Biggest Loser. Such a rebel). Anyway, this is my latest concoction (the week before it was Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes) and, since several people have asked for this recipe, I figured I’d use it as an excuse to ...more

Turkey Soup with Corn Tortilla Topping Recipe

One of my passions is baking. Not like the kind that causes skin cancer and chronic OompaLoompaism, but the kind that involves ovens and ingredients (primarily sugar) and causes diabetes. Whatever. If I were single, I’d probably live on a menu written by the makers of Candyland. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Hubby has this thing for “normal people food,” so I also cook. Occasionally, I cook things that don’t suck ....more

Friends With Coins (Tales of Family Tech Support)

Have you ever tried to explain a simple concept to someone and had them just not get it? I’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence – there are people with more doctorates than they can count on their fingers who can’t find their Windows start menu. We all have our strengths and.. ....more

Sneaky Elves (and other ways I almost ruined Christmas for kids)

First of all, I hope all three of you had a wonderful Christmas. Despite the few minor incidents of kidnapping and destruction of property, which I’ll get to in a minute, mine was fantastic. It was so full of fantasticality, in fact, that I have been avoiding taking down our decorations and.. ....more

October 21, 2012 (Hot Yoga)

On April 7, 1988*, my cousin D dared me to eat a random mushroom we found growing in her grandmother (my aunt)’s backyard. In a lapse of good judgment (that’s only lasted from 1988 through 2012), I did it. Aside from dealing with panicking adults, I came out relatively unscathed... ....more