The Story Of My Perspective

Nine year’s ago, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a true mother.  I will never forget that day and the feelings that went with it....more

The Sex Talk

I will never forget being in elementary school and my mother sitting me down to have the dreaded sex talk.  I can still see her sitting in the brown chair of our living room and hear her speak those disturbing, scary words, like penis, vagina and babies coming out of it. Oh. My....more

"You Get What You Get and You Don't Get Upset"

“You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”...more

Walking Through Grief

Walking a child through grief may be one the hardest experiences we may have as parents.  Instinctually, if we see our children in pain, we want to protect them and take it away.  When they scrape their knee, we clean it up, slap on some boo boo cream, patch it up with a band aid, give them a hug and watch it heal in days.  When we see them in emotional pain, we want to hold their heart tight until the discomfort passes and place it back once we feel it’s safe....more