XO – Kalofagas Fish & Seafood Greek Supper Club

Each summer, the Kalofagas Greek Supper Club dines “XO” (ekso, outdoors), like they do in Greece and the Mediterranean. Please join me on Thursday, July 16th for a dinner that will consist entirely of fish and seafood. Once again we will dine outdoors in the courtyard of The Manor on Bayview Avenue ....more

Loi Estiatorio New York

with Chef Maria Loi Loi Estiatorio http://www.loiestiatorio.com/ Maria Loi, Greek cookbook author, cookshow TV personality and Chef has reopened at her new location on W58th in Manhattan. Where: 132 W58th Street, New York, NY Owner: Maria Loi The Food: Strictly Greek, with Maria Loi’s twists. When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by Chef Loi herself ....more

Rotisserie Pork Ribs

One of my favourite dishes is pork ribs, generously painted with BBQ sauce and I enjoy it both winter and summer. My usual recipe is a foolproof oven method…apartment ribs as some call it (because they don’t have grills).I do have a grill, both gas and charcoal but I’m often using my new Napolean grill, made in Canada and built to last more than 2 summers! The rotisserie attachment from my previous grill fits perfectly on the new one and it was time to put it to use.Rotisserie chicken, easy – done but ribs? ...more

Galatopita, A Ruffled Milk Pie

Isn’t she pretty? I first saw this dessert being made by Vefa Alexiadou, the grand dame of Greek cookery (and friend). Vefa released Vefa’s Kitchen, this huge cookbook that’s a must for anyone who is serious about Greek cooking ....more

Fried Artichokes

It’s Spring and you may have seen artichokes appear in the markets. They may look intimidating but they are not and their great taste makes them worth the effort to clean. Here, I am serving them up as a appetizer, dunked in my easy and always crispy beer batter and these were a hit in both Winnipeg and Toronto, where I held Greek Supper Clubs recently ....more

Kalofagas Greek Dinner in Ottawa June 18th

We are just 1 month away from my first Greek Supper Club in Ottawa. I will be co-hosting a dinner with partnership from the Urban Element, a cooking studio and event space in the nation’s capital. Seating is limited, please reserve now ....more

Santorini Themed Greek Supper Club

Greek Supper Club celebrating the cuisine of Santorini on a Saturday Night. I’ve gathered inspiration from my many trips to this magical, beautiful island and we’re going to have Santorini wines poured by Kolonaki Group. On Saturday, June 13th we return to St ....more

Makaronia ’tis Popi’s

The Greek language is rich, there’s a word for practically everything and the flip side is that there’s also a bounty of slang, new Greek that’s used in everyday conversation. There are many short forms for people’s names…like Popi for Penelope. Popi is also used in the expression “tis poutana’s ginetai” (when a situation is all F-ed up ....more

Strawberry Tiramisu

If you do a search on this site, you will find some different versions of Tiramisu than the original coffee and Marsala-flavoured classic. Make no mistake, the classic is still my fave but this version that has a strawberry accent is a close second. I knew this was going to be good but after I tasted this version...more

Lamb on the Spit (αρνί-στη-σούβλα)

It’s the day after Easter and it’s also the Feast of St. George so my best wishes and “Hronia Polla” go out to all the George’s out there. I have to admit I’m quite today ....more