Daddy's Little Girl

I was raised by a single mom...a FANTASTIC single mom. No mother will do everything perfectly, but my mother loved me in a perfect way. I have never felt that being raised by a single mother impacted my life adversely. Although I know the importance of having a father figure, I have never felt like my life lacked anything or that I missed anything - and that is because my mother did such an excellent job raising me on her own. But sometimes the way your life experiences effect your life choices is not always evident to you. ...more

Girls & their Nails!

Girls & Nails: 5 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Proper Nail Care I've worn acrylic nails for almost 15 years. Why? Because when I was a little girl, I brutalized my own nails. I would suck, bite, knaw and chomp on them as if they were covered in Lemonhead juice. (You would have to know how much I loved Lemonheads to know the significance of that!) In other words, I never let my nails grow to be strong and ...more

Why I'm doing this...

My son turned 8-years old two weeks ago. Wow. It's crazy how time flies. It's funny because my mom always says to me that when she looks at me, she can still see the little baby that she saw when she first held me in her arms. I used to think she was just being a mom when she said that, you know, just saying stuff that moms are supposed to say. But now that I have my own son and I am watching him grow up (and up and up) before my eyes, I have a better understanding of what she means. ...more