Easy Summer diet through a smart menu

Summer dieting should not be painful to manage to keep yourself in shape! If you eliminate sweets and bread, things are half done. Further more, try and eat as much food and light meals with fewer calories. ...more

Super easy Homemade Cheese Pie

This super easy homemade cheese pie is probably the most common dessert on our table. I love the vanilla and yogurt addition, ingredients that give a personal touch to our homemade cheese pie. The yogurt and lemon zest combination also make the pie taste light and fresh and contribute to its softness as well....more

Main risk factors associated with stroke

Every five minutes, someone suffers a stroke and is a major cause of disability. The main risk factors associated with stroke, responsible for 90% of cases are hypertension and smoking but several other factors contribute to this terrible condition....more

Wordless Wednesday (I promise!)


Oldies are best


Sweet little nothings



        The "talent" of making a lot of friends in a blink is like a second nature for children. We all know, as adults, this skill is very beneficial for their future social intelligence and ability to easily interact with others while responding to their feelings in a positive way.     ...more